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  1. I wanna go back to the old days

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    I'm missing those days on my iPot playing PL back in them 2009 days, when humania cap came first out. Wish I could travel back in time and cap Humania and Mount Fang back then. Do you guys also remember the good old days when L764 used to be the cap? I really miss that, I got this nostalgic feeling deep inside me reminding me every day of those lovely days with my other oyster class friends pvping. Good old days
  2. won't be around much anymore

    You are such a great piece of the PL community. You are loved by so many. Do dad to see you leave.

    Im happy I got the chance to meet you and be your friend.

    I wish the best for you
    Lots of love
  3. Guild Cloning

    Hi guys,

    I am speaking from my own experience on the game this morning. Today, I saw and I'm sure it is, a popursely created copy of an existing an original guild. I saw the guild title on a level 8. I, however will not mention names as I want to keep a discretion aswell as avoid sparking drama.

    The guild had maybe 2 letters in a different arrangement, but I am 100% sure it was a purpose attempt to copy a guild, and not just a new player unaware of guild names throughout ...
  4. Hhuuhhuhuh

  5. Ctf Lag!

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoaceb View Post
    This has been happening to a few people in Ctf or Dm. What has been happening is ping keeps exploding, everyone freezes, chat stops and your avatar can't move. You would have to re-log to make it work again. I have good connection but since an update this has been happening in every ctf game. my ping explodes then i have to re-log and it happens about 3-5 times. It's really bothering, wonder when it's gonna get fixed?