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Dark Legends

  1. MMORPG Italia Interviews Cinco Barnes about Dark Legends

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    MMORPG Italia sits down in the shadows with Cinco Barnes, Chief Visionary Officer of Spacetime Studios and talks about the coming third Legends title, Dark Legends. Here is a clip:

    MMORPGITALIA: Why did you choose to make a vampire game, and especially with a darker and more serious feeling?

    Most of us have been fans of the Horror genre (games, books, films) for many years. We’ve always felt that it would be a lot of fun
  2. Unbound Gamer Digs Into Dark Legends from GDC 2012

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Size:  6.2 KB Community Manager Mike got his hands on Dark Legends at this year's Game Developer's Conference. Mike voted Dark Legends one of his top picks in the recent recap "The Best of GDC" On Unbound Gamer, Mike reveals the details of what he saw of Dark Legends and why he digs the game.

    Gameplay is of the Diablo-esque, hack-and-slash variety, with what looked to be four active abilities (that can be charged up!) to fire off in between
  3. Slide-to-Play Hands on Preview: Dark Legends - A Lot Darker and More Mature

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    Slide to Play writer Andrew Podolsky recently got his hands on Dark Legends at the Game Developer's Conference and remarks that the game is a lot darker and more mature. Here's a clip:

    Combat felt much better--and gorier-- than in Pocket Legends. You can now press down to charge your vampire's main attacks and magic spells, which adds a bit more depth. You can also use cool dark magic abilities, like summoning a swarm of rats to nibble
  4. TouchGen takes Dark Legends for a Test Drive at GDC 2012

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Size:  3.4 KB writer Matt Dunn gets a chance to play upcoming Dark Legends at the recent Game Developer's Conference. Matt is an old pro playing Pocket Legends and Star Legends and he contrasts the new game to what has come before. Here is a clip from the article:

    One of my biggest crituiqes of Star Legends was that, despite various new features, it ultimately felt like a re-skinning of Pocket Legends. While Dark Legends may still have
  5. Droid Gamers Hands on with Dark Legends from GDC 2012

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    The crew at Droid Gamers write down their reactions after getting their hands on Dark Legends at the recent Game Developer's Conference. Here is a snippet of what they had to say:

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