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  1. How do I pronounce your name Mr Xorr ?

    You pronounce Xorr as Zorr, rhymes with more.
    Just like Xylophone


    Updated 08-10-2015 at 11:39 AM by Xorrior

  2. Elondria Revisited

    Quote Originally Posted by Xorrior View Post
    This is how I imagine Elondria and its people to be :-

    And now some faery dust.....
    These videos are not mine, but I did create similar stuff and machinima. I miss those days badly and hopefully after rengol elite and using up all my plat and gold I'll shoot off

    And no you ...
  3. Hotfix 8/7 | Changes to Ursoth's Assault

    Quote Originally Posted by illidan View Post
    well, this event is disapointment for me. Ive very enjoyed first Ursoth ! I had amazing memories from it and pretty nice bag of gold (3m) ....I was looking forward to this event since winter .....but when it started I was totaly disapointed . here is list of things that r pretty backward :

    1. There is no Mythic weapon in this event - most of endgame ppl play event for myth weapons or some kind of good gear , but in this event we miss myth weapon or other armor parts ...corrupted items