The Origin of True Origin

The Origin of True Origin

Starweaver Mage

The BackStory

Always loved games, always will.

2005~2007, I was active in the MMORPG 2D sidescroller, MapleSEA. There, I was a low key, fairly successful player and co-founder / asset manager of MSea's 1st adults-only guild, WisersAlcove - had a Level 70 Mage (Alsyna) and a Level 124 NightLord (vVMirageVv). Started off with the mage, and funded a rogue from my trading activities. This may sound familiar if you' know some of my movements in-game. And yes there are some similarities to RL, but that's for me to know and u to find out.

From Maple to AL vVMirageVv -> TrueOrigin / Starweaver

An old forum signature for vVMirageVv I was working on.

Current Guild - Chivalrous Union

After the 1st billion was made (own funds, not guild's), the interest-level dipped. Then I moved to Australia, and the lag sealed the deal. Pings go up to 700~2500 now, so forget about serious gaming. With that, I sold in-game assets for real-life cash and left a guild with some (nice) parting gifts. And said goodbye to the gaming world.

But one day, as I was going about my merry way, my RL sister, ScarletWolf invited me to join her in Arcane Legends. Maybe I obliged because it pretty much tries to march to the beat of its own drum. Maybe it was coz I missed just letting my imagination run with it, and just be free to be anyone I want.

So here I am in AL, loosely repeating some of what happened in Maple.

The Characters

Starweaver the mage, Level 21, and now a merchant/farmer. He's in the guild Chivalrous Union, headed by the dedicated Lok. They're made up of a fun bunch from all over the world. Good players, always helpful. Bit of trivia - Ironlung ranks on the CTF captures score board.

TrueOrigin the rogue, Level 16. My little "Lambo". She sometimes gets hilarious 'compliments' about her looks, and everyone treats her well. It's nice to know that some things don't change. :-)

Originally there were no plans to make TrueOrigin a "twink", but with the lag it seemed like a no-brainer. The stat boost evens things out quite nicely. The lag is an interesting challenge in itself, requiring some adapting - still have to be careful not to engage too many sprites at once and vice versa. But it's not completely un-playable like Maple, it just means I might look bad dying so much. *laughs* Not that it bothers me, I'm way more laid back these days.

Perhaps it could be said that True and Star are both caricatures of parts of me - a young-ish lady, but with the heart of a grumpy eccentric old mage/master. Confuses the hell out of people sometimes - it still cracks me up. :-) As my new journey with AL begins, so it is mirrored in RL.

I love a good adventure. Don't you? :-) Join me sometime.