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  1. Guide: Farming kill/gold/execution achievements

    Protip: The executions listed in [b]bold[/b] are links that show their spawn location on the map.

    [b]Kain's Quest
    Campaign kills: 147
    Campaign gold gained: 1,809.2
    [table="width: 800"]
    [td]Kain's Quest 1: The Rotting Baron
    Total enemies in run: 31
    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Amount of enemies killed: 156 Avg: 31.2[/COLOR]
    Execution mini-boss: [URL=""][b]Mikael ...

    Updated 03-12-2013 at 08:37 AM by Totallymad

  2. Guide: DL Vanity Drop List

    [INDENT][B][U][SIZE=3]1. Kain's Crest[/U][/B][/SIZE][/INDENT]

    [B](1.1) - The Rotting Barron - [/B]([COLOR="#008000"]Green Biker Helmet[/COLOR])
    [B](1.2) - Zombie Street - [/B]([COLOR="#008000"]Green Biker Helmet[/COLOR])
    [B](1.3) - Home Invasion - [/B]([COLOR="#008000"]Green Biker Helmet[/COLOR])
    [B](1.4) - Ghouls and Goblins - [/B]([COLOR="#008000"]Green Biker Helmet[/COLOR])

    [INDENT][B][U][SIZE=3]2. ...

    Updated 04-04-2013 at 12:56 AM by Totallymad

  3. [Guide]How to get Gleipnir Amulet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greencrow View Post
    So, I killed Grimnr a couple of times in normal mode but then no amulet was given to me. I searched forums on how to get it and credits to them ( I forgot them, lol ) I've found the way to get it.
    First, ( very important part ) talk to this guy named Herald of Arlor. He is standing near the guild castle entrance in Kraag City.

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    Next, go left and talk to that sorcerer guy. Enter the gate.

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  4. How to make AL fullscreen in browser. The easy way.


    Normal AL browser link is just like this ->

    But if you add -> [ /?w=value&h=value ] in end of the link it should adjust , it depends on your monitor size.

    Ex: My monitor size is 1400wx900h . So, I just added those values in the link. It should look like this
    -> h ttp://

    note: I spaced ...

    Updated 05-06-2013 at 07:46 PM by Greencrow

  5. Pumpkin Chunker is the new Forgotten Bow

    The community have spoken! Just a few minutes ago STG realeased the Forgotten & Halloween weapon nerf update and ther is a clear nerf. Suddenly the Pumpkin Chunker is the better one, at least for level 15:s, and we got an extra 2m range of our burst weapon!

    The Gruesome Pumpkin Chunker got the same stats as Essentially Forgotten Bow but 63-108 damage instead of 42-88 (!). That's a pretty big difference. With my equipment of Cazteri, I got 115 DPS with FB and 128 with Chunker. ...

    Updated 09-06-2013 at 04:01 PM by Caztori

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