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  1. Armor Analysis and it's impact on Damage Reduction

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    You guys always impress us with your diligence and analytic information! Its great when you do things like this because it can be another perspective on a calculation or the way something works that is incorrect or should be looked at. When it comes to armor, it is not as clear cut a thing to externally test due to the number of variables involved however.

    Here's a high level view of % Damage Reduction per point of armor per level.
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  2. Sell arcane maul perfect+15

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    Sell arcane MAUL OLLERUS PERFECT+15. Leave u offer or IGN DEOSAFRAS
  3. Back to the roots

    Ok guys, I finnaly after many attempts coming back got a reawakening, this time on the same twink as when I started this blog; Cazteri, level 15 Bear. It took me a day or two and I was back in the flow again.

    This is going to be a quick update of what I've done these days on and hopefully I feel like I have enough content to write a new post soon again.

    I've made three "major" things since I came back. These are:
    • Bought a Pink L15 Winter Fest Tinsel
  4. Gold/Platinum drops in PVP arena

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    making kills and flagging in pvp must give u specific amount of gold or lucky platinum will be more fun.

    for CTF: 1 flag = 3k-5k gold, 1 kill : 25 -50 gold. Bonus gold who makes highest kills and flags/1-5 plat.

    for dm: 1 kill: 25-50 gold, 1 king: 200-500 gold and highest killer gets 1k-2k gold bonus/1-2 plat.

    At least introduce these so that pvper who is unlucky in pve and also who wont get plats can also enjoy the game and compete pro players and also
  5. <Tranquil> Be At Ease - Have Some Fun

    Today I pinned Tranquil on the map.

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    Tranquil is a guild where members can be at ease and experience the joy of playing. We believe in honorable conduct and embrace the spirit of competition. Our guild leadership works diligently to ensure drama is minimized and fun is maximized. Satisfy your curiosity, come join the Tranquil family!


    Preferred Levels: 15 - 41
    PvE: Normals, Elites, & Elite