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  1. Sell warrior mythic helm

    Post ur offer below or ign:chisagi
  2. Mythic armor upgrade problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by bronyaur View Post
    I did the mythic helmet upgrade Quest and turned it in to Jerril but my helmet did not get upgraded. I have reported the incident to STS and I hope it will be resolved soon. I talked to a guild member who had the same problem.
  3. Welcome again and Best Wishes!

    Greetings Again!

    It's been a long time!
    I haven't played for few months. I'm so upset cos I did not wish you Merry Christmas and now it's too late
    Anyway I hope your Christmas was nice and you spent it with your family in geniality.
    I also hope you are pleased of your presents! I'm sure that Santa came up trumps
    Snatching the opportunity that I'm here now, I wish you Happy New Year, sweeties!
    I wish you all the best, I
  4. Black Dragon guild

    Quote Originally Posted by Qweenzy View Post
    This is the best Christmas present. It has been weeks since alot of changes were made to the guild which affected alot. We lost a few old members. Also with the huge clean up of guild removing over 800 members which affected us badly, taking us off the top guild list. It was to either improve our guild or it would've also been the end of Black Dragon. It was a gamble that had to be made. There were times I saw myself not being fit enough to be a leader. I want to thank Cresencense for stepping forward
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