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  1. Remembering Support

    A lot have happened in Pocket Legends since my last post from early January. This have changed and I'm going to post more about the changed here on the blog soon. But today it's time to remember Support, the old guild I once was a part of during 2013.

    I would consider my time in Support as one of the best periods during the time I've played Pocket Legends. And it has soon been 7 (!) years since I started. The reason I make this post now is because I recently deleted my 15 Enchantress ...

    Updated 02-26-2017 at 04:52 PM by Caztori

    Pocket Legends
  2. This might be the end of level 15 Warriors

    Quote Originally Posted by Cinco View Post
    Nerfing the damage is good for PvP in general - especially given the changes to the regeneration rates, dodge, hit and crit changes across the board.
    Also, it's true: my focus is on endgame PvP and I will continue in this respect until I feel satisfied that things have been improved.

    Consider leveling-up.
    This is what Cinco said over at this post. The nerf of dodge has been needed for endgame for a while and "finally" it's taking care of. Great in a ...
  3. Tips & Tricks: Quick Gear Swap

    It's time for another Tips & Tricks and this time I will show you how to do a quick gear swap. I know many of you already knows how to do this, but if there's someone who don't know how to do, it's worth showing.

    Quick gear swap let's you swap your gear quickly while running away from your opponent. Basically, it is really simple and could count in handy in a lot of situations.

    Before we start, you have to enable "Tap to move" in the settings. This is ...

    Updated 12-20-2016 at 02:43 PM by Caztori

    Pocket Legends , Tips & Tricks
  4. Activity

    As a lot of you may have realized, I have not been very active here on the forums or on the game itself at all.

    I'd like to just inform you, no I haven't died. I guess I'm just taking a break from the game for a while, I might be back, or I might not.

    For those who wish to contact me, just send me a message. I might check back once in a while. I made many friends on this game, and I'm willing to continue the friendship further than just the game for some of them. ...
  5. Progress Update #7

    My progress update is back, and finally, some things have happend!

    Since the nerf-update launched I have only played on my level 15 Enchantress, called Cazturi. I haven't played on Cazteri at all to be honest. But after the update, enchantress is so much fun, and they're really powered!

    First of all, me and Invertibrate (15 Enchantress) made some nice progress some days ago when we together came up with the ULTIMATE - and yes, it is THE ultimate - build for 15 enchantresses. ...
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