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  1. Pocket Legends Januari 2017 update in a level 15 perspective

    Weve had our biggest update in a long time and this update changed a lot of stuffs. In this post, I will summarise my thoughts of it and share my experiences from level 15 PVP.

    Everything is tradable

    Yup, everything is now tradable. It is a bit boring due the fact Ive spent a lot of time and money to get my vanities in order to obtain the perfect look (in my opinion). Now everyone could look like me with almost no effort. Overall, I think this is a good update for ...
    Pocket Legends
  2. This might be the end of level 15 Warriors

    Quote Originally Posted by Cinco View Post
    Nerfing the damage is good for PvP in general - especially given the changes to the regeneration rates, dodge, hit and crit changes across the board.
    Also, it's true: my focus is on endgame PvP and I will continue in this respect until I feel satisfied that things have been improved.

    Consider leveling-up.
    This is what Cinco said over at this post. The nerf of dodge has been needed for endgame for a while and "finally" it's taking care of. Great in a ...
  3. St. Patrick's Day 2014

    The St. Patrick's Day 2014 have been released and came with some really nice vanities! I bought the Big Lucky Hat 2014 to have for future farming (only 15 plat!) and the Starry Envy Garb. I think the pink Garb looks amazing on Caztu with the Founders Helm so really looking forward to a price reduction in the CS. I am not ready to spend gold cap just to be one of the first. It also seems here on the forums that people likes the other colors more, so hopefully the pink become cheapest!
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    Pocket Legends
  4. Few Ideas were Cooking and waiting for action

    Those who view my youtube channel may know that I haven't uploaded much since November because of overloads in school work, computer breaking (multiple times), and my break from all Legends games. I felt conflicted to upload some new content to settle the break of uploads, so I spent a good amount of time collecting ideas for guides for the most popular game of the series, AL, and decided to create the top 3 ideas that came to mind.

    I felt as if many people struggle and/or quit trying ...
  5. Is the Bear Twink era over in the upcoming weeks?

    As today's update announced Justg posted this on the forums regarding the next balancing-update:

    Quote Originally Posted by Justg View Post
    Here is what is on tap for next week:

    - 3 second Invulnerability on Spawn in for PvP
    - Nerfing Dodge and Crit buffs
    - Leveling out skill bonuses at upper levels
    - Increase Rhino charge and stun ranges
    - Increase Fox evasion buff
    - Fixing a couple of appearances, including 2012 rabbit ears on mage, black ice wand, sparkles on demonic wand,