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  1. Sell mage items or trade equivalent to rouge items.

    I'm selling green santa robes and hat for mage, and also Marvelous rocket blaster for mage aswell. Im taking offers/trades so add me up: nohappyending
  2. Buy OP war STR

    Quote Originally Posted by Huilic View Post
    Mire/End/Taint Helmet 8%str

    Buried Set 18-21%str

    Arc Swamp Ring Rorce 7-8%str

    Arc Altar Amulet Force 7-8%str

    Wrangler Boldness 7%str

    IGN:>> Gamsuy <<
  3. Sell elite duggar dagger!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rohmantaufiq View Post
    5%all stats
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  4. Fairness of SL Game

    I might be a customer or a Little indian under Game Designers and Moderators and Developers just recently i had another friend banned 3 days off game was told a Designer sided with the wrong player i heard the Excuse used Oh they probably deserved it well i got screenshots of SL taunting players names too reason i writing this blog i wanna hear how many other customers are being done this way time to speak up talk to me 🤔 lets hear you alls opinions i got the proof got pictures 50 of them. ...
  5. Pl game play...

    Okay so I started playing pl on 10-06-2020
    I noticed a few things I wanted to see happened with game
    1: I was hoping for new sets like ruby set or frank
    2: frank and ruby sets donít work with buffs.... is there a reason u donít want them to ?
    3: new weps and shields .... not vanity:|
    4: more town maps if possible

    Also I was hoping for a few more changes as...
    1: can u add marriage proposals(like dl)
    2: pvp gear other ...
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