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    by Published on 08-20-2014 04:24 PM
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    Austin, TX – August 20th, 2014 - A mysterious object suddenly flashes in the sky. A giant meteor breaks the atmosphere and hurtles towards your base! Your troops duck for cover as they fear the meteor’s impact. The object explodes onto the ground ...
    Published on 08-18-2014 02:38 PM
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    "This would make such an EPIC movie!!!"

    Have you ever been playing your favourite Spacetime game only to find yourself thinking that exact thing? Well, here is another chance for you to show us your creativity in...

    Your Mission:
    Create an epic movie trailer for your favourite Spacetime game using captured video and images! Add voice ...
    Published on 08-14-2014 09:50 AM
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    Welcome to the first installation of the Spacetime Rundown. This is where we will recap all the latest game updates, review upcoming community events, reveal embarrassing info about our developers, and give everyone a heads up on what’s coming down the road for Spacetime.

    Game Recaps

    Legends Titles:

    Arcane Legends :
    • Ursolth’s Assault Event – From July 1st to July 21st, players journeyed to Elondria to find new quests, fight bosses, and earned awesome rewards!
    • Necro Crafting Quest – Players can go on a new
    Published on 08-13-2014 01:43 PM
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    A big thank you to GamesRadar who added Arcane Legends as #29 on the Top 50 Android Games list! We are so honored and want
    Published on 08-08-2014 12:08 PM

    In this new, more compact format for Face Time with Spacetime, Remiem reveals a sneak peak and what's coming to Arcane Legends, highlights some community awesomeness and answers YOUR questions with ...
    Published on 08-08-2014 12:02 PM
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    Hello everyone!

    I want to update you with what the Arcane Legends Development Team is up to. While you’ve been playing Ursoth’s Assault, the Dev Team has been very busy making more new stuff for you!

    Planar Arena and Planar Tombs:
    The next free endgame content is getting ready for you. It will be a two part release. First up is a refresh to the Shuyal Gladiator Arena. After that, a new adventure area will follow: the Planar Tombs.
    Published on 05-22-2014 04:18 PM
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    Austin, TX – June 5th, 2014 – Spacetime Games has unleashed epic fantasy warfare in the palm of your hand with its newest game, Arcane Battlegrounds. Arcane Battlegrounds, is an intense Free-to-Play online strategy game based off of the award-winning, smash-hit, mobile MMO, Arcane Legends. Starting today, Arcane Battlegrounds is available across all Android and iOS devices.

    Arcane Battlegrounds lets players take control of hearty Warriors, brutal Trolls, and fire-breathing Dragons to defend the citizens of Arlor against a tyrannical ruler. Through strategy, cunning, and courage, players will build a kingdom, raise an army, defeat enemies, and bring peace once more.

    “This new title mixes the compelling storyline and rich fantasy world of Arcane Legends with the explosive and strategic gameplay found in Battle Command,” said Gary Gattis, CEO of Spacetime Games. “Arcane Battlegrounds will add another pillar to the growing foundation of games we develop and support.”

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