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    [Blackstar is not released]

    Blackstar was the original working title for a PC MMO that Spacetime Studios was developing from 2005 to 2008. Blackstar did not make it out of development. The concepts and development behind Blackstar became the inspiration to create Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles.

    Spacetime Studios' Blackstar MMO concept featured a unique combination of space flight, real-time shooting and role-oriented (RPG-style) combat.

    In Blackstar, players piloted heavily-customizable starfighters through evocative space environments, battling a universe of exciting foes with a combination of weapons, defenses, and other abilities that improve through experience and gameplay.

    Driven by a unique and powerful visual style and crafted by an experienced team with market-proven experience and sensibilities, Blackstar, at the time of it's development was a fresh and original entry, offering exciting gameplay in a stunning setting appealing to a global market.

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    1. Darthwayne's Avatar
      Darthwayne -
      Hey this is really cool!, is it for Ipod Touch, I-Pad, I-Phone, or is it like a PC game?
    1. Frantic's Avatar
      Frantic -
      Yes and more importantly... when? lol
    1. Buvet's Avatar
      Buvet -
      ...I covet this.
    1. nerdherd's Avatar
      nerdherd -
      Me want...
    1. TheUltimaton's Avatar
      TheUltimaton -
      looks SO sick, does anyone have any idea when this will come out? ima be an operative, or an engineer. o.O
    1. TheUltimaton's Avatar
      TheUltimaton -
      how do I get to the 14 page PDF informative brochure on blackstar? anyone want to give me a link?
    1. LordRaid's Avatar
      LordRaid -
      Looks ridiculously good. Although I'm currently hooked on Pocket Legends, Blackstar seems as good, perhaps better, than PL :L
    1. Infamous-D's Avatar
      Infamous-D -
      Naww graphics wise this game is better but overall the game style of pocket legends just can't be beat at the moment but this game duz look kickass look forward to it!
    1. HectorCruz's Avatar
      HectorCruz -
      you guys using the profit from pocket legends (which hopefully you have made by now) to fund this? Looks awesome, godspeed.
    1. Ogediah's Avatar
      Ogediah -
      Will Platinum be the same "account" on both games? this would be wonderful if so.
    1. Paradox's Avatar
      Paradox -

      Can't wait for this!
    1. Cascade's Avatar
      Cascade -
      Sweet!!! Looks awesome!
    1. ratava's Avatar
      ratava -

      Impressive. What's the overarching story/objective for players?

      If the gameplay has as much acceleration, maneuverability and ship customization as indicated could be v high playablility.
    1. Azrael's Avatar
      Azrael -
      Its a pc game that started development in 2005, and then got canceled by the money backer NCsoft some time in 2008 or so.. but the remaining spacetime studio devs got the rights back to the game.

      Last i heard they wanted to put this on a console. I highly doubt you will ever see this game on a ipad.
    1. King Richie's Avatar
      King Richie -
      Cool !!...
    1. FriedSushi's Avatar
      FriedSushi -
      OH NO no ipod either then
    1. Torrax's Avatar
      Torrax -
      Hey I know when it comes out search blackstar video game with a Capitol B and it supposedly comes out in October 2010 on pc but that could change 2
    1. Dearkhart's Avatar
      Dearkhart -
      Thx SS, I've already lost countless hours to PL and now this....my GF's going to be sooo pissed
    1. ratava's Avatar
      ratava -
      Well now TOR is only going to have space-combat on rails, there's definitely a niche for a top-notch space-shooter / mod your ship / 3rd-person avatar shoot-em up... !
    1. crypto1293's Avatar
      crypto1293 -
      Quote Originally Posted by LordRaid View Post
      Looks ridiculously good. Although I'm currently hooked on Pocket Legends, Blackstar seems as good, perhaps better, than PL :L
      same but blackstar looks like it will have much better graphics.
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