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    Spacetime Studios is an independent game development studio located in Austin, Texas. It was founded in late 2005 by videogame veterans Cinco Barnes, Gary Gattis, Jake Rodgers and Anthony L. Sommers. Since its inception, Spacetime Studios has amassed a stunning roster of game development talent with a long list of hit titles. Our collective experience encompasses award-winning PC and console games in addition to numerous ground-breaking massively-multiplayer titles including: Ultima Online, Shadowbane and Star Wars Galaxies.

    We are an experienced, extremely successful team of veterans in the genre, with a mature and professional work ethic. We are making fun, and there's no better job in the world! We are also located in one of the best cities to live in anywhere, Austin, Texas. Austin has amazing weather, incredible restaurants, a thriving game-development culture, and some of the best live music in the world.
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    1. Vorgrims's Avatar
      Vorgrims -
      Shadowbane was the best pvp mmo to ever be created on the face of this earth, you guys should work with the PtC emulator teams to help get it back faster
    1. Aperfecte's Avatar
      Aperfecte -
      I just got it... Ign aperfecte
    1. Seiyen's Avatar
      Seiyen -
      Quote Originally Posted by Samhayne View Post

      I dont have a single point on revive
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