• The Spacetime Engine

    Over 150 million play sessions worldwide have been Powered by Spacetime.

    Spacetime Studios' unique real time gaming technology platform was built over a period of six years by some of the world's most experienced MMO developers. It enables Spacetime to do things that no one else on the planet can, with rapid and stable content releases to a world-wide audience across a wide breadth of platforms. Featuring a complete Build/Deploy/Service infrastructure, the Spacetime Engine has the power to do:

    • Unified Mobile and Desktop Gameplay: All players (iOS / Android / PC / Mac/ Linux) log into the same game through Spacetime Accounts
    • Global Connectivity: 200+ countries play together on the same server in the same game world
    • Multiple Networks: Edge, Wifi, 3G and 4G with < 1K / second data transfer
    • Agile Development and Deployment: Live content updated any time (every 1.5 days on average in Pocket Legends)
    • Efficient Performance: Supports low end devices (iPod Touch / Android 2.0)

    • Custom-created MMO engine with full client/server networking support architected to meet the demands of the most compelling MMOGs, from subscription to free-to-play
    • Cross-platform, secure, scalable, flexible, and maintainable C++ codebase, currently running on Windows, Linux, and Mac
    • Heavily multi-threaded, utilizing multi-core processors where possible
    • Database support for persisting account, world and character state
    • Both code and data support localization for translation
    • Supports objects hierarchies and construction of objects with complex behaviors
    • Zone-based architecture with instancing allowing thousands of players per world
    • Dynamic collision system
    • File system uses xml (for development) or binary (for deployment) files interchangeably
    • Architected to integrate easily with Publisher’s core services, e.g., authentication, billing, chat, etc.
    • iPhone client support


    • Next-generation graphics engine with full support for shaders, falling back to the fixed function pipeline for lower-end hardware
    • Both DirectX and OpenGL supported
    • High dynamic range rendering
    • Per-pixel lighting w/ shadows per light source and support for projected texture lights
    • Shader material system allows global control of material parameters
    • Character animation system with full data-driven animation state machine
    • Advanced particle system
    • Timeline-based client effects system used to integrate particle systems, lights, sounds, animation events, etc.
    • Full support for static mesh, skeleton, skeletal mesh, and shader levels of detail

    Game Systems

    • Support for both character and vehicle avatars
    • Support for real-time, projectile-based combat in addition to RPG-based combat
    • Ability system used for combat, skills, and buffs
    • State-machine-based artificial intelligence for non-player characters with pathfinding
    • NPC conversation system with complex branching
    • Quest/mission system sets and tracks player goals and objectives with support for loot and rewards
    • Integrated item, inventory, and wearable system allows rich character customization
    • "Conflict Zone" system allows multi-player PVP instances with an alternate set of gameplay rules than the shared spaces
    • Additional player-focused game systems include roles, experience and advancement, and achievements


    • Custom Autodesk 3ds Max exporter which exports appearance data directly into engine formats
    • Unified editor used to create and edit all game content (zones, items, quests, etc.) with full version control integration
    • Content validation upon check-in checks for problems before they are committed to the project
    • Build system complies code and validates content whenever any source code or data changes, and build tools allow any team member to easily request and retrieve the latest (or any) build
    • Code and data split between client/server where appropriate
    • Automated testing suites for both code and data
    • Crash report generation and evaluation
    • Internal debugging and profiling tools
    • Asset tracking and management


    • Umbra (occlusion culling)
    • Scaleform GFx (user interface)
    • Fmod (audio)
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    1. Arterra's Avatar
      Arterra -
      cool story bro

      no really, impressive engine you guys created. after seeing the prototype you guys had for PC version of Blackstar... epic
    1. Navygreen's Avatar
      Navygreen -
      I have to agree, very impressive. You guys are great! Nothing like a custom built game engine.
    1. Mark Joseph Mendez Go's Avatar
      Mark Joseph Mendez Go -
      Really great job done with most expert team combine, as doin a solution for a hi end technology, a success from many years of study and creation, God bless and More power,,, spacetimestudio/arcane legends,,,
    1. Kyptix's Avatar
      Kyptix -
      o.O well this is old...
    1. Decipher's Avatar
      Decipher -
      Is there a way to use or download the game engine? Or is there already a way and I can't fin it? If so, where do I go?
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