• Fan Site Assets

    To help foster fan site activities, we've gathered up a whole pile of images from Pocket Legends and are making them available here. Whether you're blogging, making a wiki, creating a fan site or doing something else Pocket Legends related on the web, we hope these assets will help make your endeavor look great!

    http://www.spacetimestudios.com/fans...ansite_Kit.zip - 10 MB (right click and choose save/download depending on your browser)

    If you have trouble with the download, here is the direct link to the Fansite Kit. It is 10 MB in size:

    In whatever you do, please let us know about it so we can spread the good word! Send a private message to one of the Admins on the forum, or Contact Us.
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    1. Arterra's Avatar
      Arterra -
      So many of the icons are good candidates for forum avatars... the shield icon, hp and mana potions, more skill icons... just saying, you have the resources.
    1. Zaltiar's Avatar
      Zaltiar -
      We need a Fan Art Section in Star Legends pleasee!
    1. Brickwall's Avatar
      Brickwall -
      For some reason I cant download the file. Nothing pops up on firefox and on interent explorer the save target as link just says download could not complete.Any help?
    1. Register's Avatar
      Register -
      this thing is big....normally downlaods are pretty fast on my comp....
    1. Slush's Avatar
      Slush -
      It doesn't work :/
    1. Brickwall's Avatar
      Brickwall -
      Direct link works perfectly, thanks to whoever put it up.
    1. iAtrox's Avatar
      iAtrox -
      i need the star legends fansite kit plz
    1. Skeokateva's Avatar
      Skeokateva -
      Amazing thanks! just downloaded