• Pocket Legends New Version 1.2

    Pocket Legends continues to evolve, cranking it's version number up to 1.2. This new version brings

    • Player vs. Player Team Deathmatch
    • Secure Trading
    • Universal client across all devices
    • Elixir Character Buffs

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    • PvP (details). You can now play against other players in Team Deathmatch arenas. Upon joining an arena, choose a side and battle the other team. A player death is a point for the other team. When you reach the score limit, the game ends and match standings are displayed. Arenas will have varying sizes, player limits, and optional powerups.
    • Secure Trade (details). You can now trade items, gold, and potions securely with another player. To initiate a trade, inspect the person you want to trade with, then switch to the 'Trade' tab. When that person inspects you and goes to the trade tab, you'll both then be able to set what items/gold/potions you want to trade, and confirm the trade when you're happy with what the other person has offered. The trade is only applied when both sides have confirmed the trade since any modifications have occurred.
    • Elixirs (details). You can now purchase buffs with Gold or Platinum that can temporarily enhance your character!

    Additional Features
    • Chat text is now word wrapped and scrollable (up to 500 lines)
    • Added game type filter to join screen (pve, arena, towne, all) and persist all filters
    • Icons for up to 5 buffs/debuffs are now displayed for the player each party/team members
    • Visual effect for buff now stays on player as long as the buff is applied
    • Added keyboard autocorrect for chat/tells
    • Pocket Legends is now a universal binary (i.e., one application for iPhone and iPad)
    • Item requirements are unaffected by buffs/debuffs (e.g., a strength buff will not let you temporarily use an item you don't have enough strength for)
    • New characters are now limited to 50 inventory slots. Inventory for existing characters will continue to work as it does now (250 item limit).
    • You can now rename your character for 50 plat.
    • Removed anti-aliasing (it was slow anyway)
    • Added pixel double mode (renders to a smaller window and stretches to fill screen)

    Bug Fixes
    • Wrapped text no longer loses its colorization
    • The stash should work as expected with more than one page of slots.
    • Fixed players not showing xp received if a content update raised the level cap and the player didn't restart the client
    • Fixed various crashes related to aborting the client content update process
    • Items are automatically unequipped, and show a system message, when their requirements are no longer met rather than equip the item but not be usable.
    • Fixed being able to walk through walls in rare cases
    • Fixed not showing purchase character slot on the Character Select screen if you have a slot count which is a multiple of the number of characters per page, and have them all filled
    • Skills no longer execute if a player dies immediately after they are cast but before they have executed.
    • Mapped skill slots are now preserved on the right side when you toggle number of skills shown. To the left shows remaining skills that are ranked but not mapped.
    • Fixed Continue to Next Level where zones were reported as full when they were not
    • Fix mana shield not absorbing damage if there is not enough mana remaining to absorb all the damage.
    • The "Level 5" and "Dark Forest" item pack purchases have been updated. These packs no longer include items that can be looted in the game. Improved the item pack purchase by making enchanted and non-enchanted items equally weighted - so you have a higher chance of getting a more powerful enchanted item when you purchase one of these item packs.
    • Item pack items can no longer be traded.
    • Fix colors incorrectly carrying over across newlines in some ui elements.
    • iPad: Made the 'inspect other' screen consistent with iPhone version (it now shows all stats)

    • Moved a bunch of 'snowcap' helmets from "Ancient Swamps" moonshine jugs to frosty treasure chests in the "Lost Expedition" campaign (where they belong).
    • Helmets. Lots of them. Added to "Fathom Crypt," "Lost Expedition" and "Ancient Swamps." Uncommon, epic, and legendary.

    Important Information about the New Universal Binary

    If you are used to playing on your iPad and then on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you'll want to read the details of the change in Version 1.2 to make the game client a Universal Binary. Click here to read the details.
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