• Version 1.3 Feature List

    Pocket Legends, the 3D Mobile Massively Multiplayer Game for the iPod, iPhone and iPad devices, continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in mobile gaming! It continues to evolve, adding new features and depth in the coming Version 1.3 that has just been submitted to Apple for final approval. While we wait for it to be available (1 to 2 weeks), click "Read More" to see the full Feature List.

    • Added Quest System (Forest Haven has 19 quests, Dark Forest has 12 quests, and quests for other campaigns will be added in future content updates)
    • Added support for Quick-Joining a campaign dungeon (will find a suitable game for your level, and start a new campaign that you have access to for your level if a game doesn't exist)
    • Added support for Quick-Joining a PvP arena (will find a suitable game for your level, and start one if a game doesn't exist)
    • Character level is now shown on the main page
    • Reworked the way the player visual appearance is built to allow for greater customization (allows hats, different armor types, etc.)
    • Added /roll command, to roll a random number that other people can see.
    • Inventory is sorted by item rarity, then item level, then item name
    • Added World Map which allows you to enter townes for different campaigns
    • Added support for stashing gold
    • Tells now have a specific color
    • Chat now has a specific color
    • Various client optimizations for memory and performance
    • Client supports iOS4 multitasking

    • Added unique starting quests with backstory for the Ursan, Avian, and Elf classes

    Bug Fixes
    • Armor reduces base damage, crits and multipliers apply to damage after reduction from armor
    • Inspecting a team member in a pvp zone should now show the correct person.
    • Improved patching of large files to avoid disconnects

    Be sure to join us on the Official Pocket Legends Forums to discuss Version 1.3.
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. Ogediah's Avatar
      Ogediah -
      I was starting to wonder if you were adding a turtle as a new character and we were all waiting on him to show up for 1.3 release

      great work guys, can't wait to check it out.
    1. tryser's Avatar
      tryser -
      They're adding a human character
    1. Violentsaint's Avatar
      Violentsaint -
      awesome cant wait! i ordered my ipad and i should get it by the 10th of august so hopefully 1.3 is out by then.
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