• 1.7 is LIVE!!!

    1.7 has been released... enjoy!

    Raise the Roof!

    1.7 will increase the level cap to 55 with a new campaign! The Sewers under Balefort are much more extensive than anyone ever expected... in fact there is a whole new towne down there for intrepid adventurers full of thieves, bandits, and far far worse!

    Who's da Boss?

    A whole new Rogues' Gallery of challenges await the best players. Test your skills against these guys:

    The Goblin Shamen: Don't let him finish whatever it is he started!
    Bandit King and Queen: Very dangerous when allowed to play together.
    Gold Fever: You better not catch it!
    Trash Heap: Silent but deadly!
    The Cockroach: Love to eat crumbs. And plucky forest animals.

    And So Much More:

    A ton of other things are going into the game including:

    - 11 new maps
    - 30 new quests
    - Crafting system (with recipes and components)
    - Quests-of-the-day (inside new micro-dungeons)
    - Rings (add even more ways to augment your stats)
    - A new advancement rate
    - Greater XP awarded for bosses
    - 6 ranks for your abilities
    - Bonus Elite Level (56) for the truly hard-core

    See you in Muck Hovel!

    Comments 25 Comments
    1. Survivorfan's Avatar
      Survivorfan -
      This looks so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I just hope the cockroach guy doesn't eat me...

    1. mycroftxxx's Avatar
      mycroftxxx -
      > - Greater XP awarded for bosses

      Does this apply just to the Sewer, or to all levels? (ISTR I suggested this ~a month ago, to give people more incentive to finish maps.)
    1. gnardog666's Avatar
      gnardog666 -
      cant wait to play!!!!! looks wicked awesome
    1. Echelong's Avatar
      Echelong -
      I like the boss description I am already imagining ways on how to fight them and its a very interesting concept on how to defeat bosses.

      More xp from bosses is a welcome change I just hope it is enough to make it worth it.

      Bounty board is going to be interesting.

      6 ranks nice but I was hoping for some passive abilities or maybe the last level will increase your abilities or change them exponentially like the 56 xp cap.

      I want to suggest that instead of dividing the gold you get from mobs when in a full group that you give us the same amount you get when you solo them. This will make farming for gold less boring and will make people more interested in grouping for more than just quest. This is like the xp boost you give us when when we are on a full group only with gold.
    1. Snakespeare's Avatar
      Snakespeare -
      I like gem-encrusted gear!
    1. Grifjack's Avatar
      Grifjack -
      Freakin AWESOME can't wait!!!
    1. touchgenmatt's Avatar
      touchgenmatt -
      Crafting??? Much intrigued...
    1. Lesrider's Avatar
      Lesrider -
      Guys, comment on the discussion thread.
    1. THEHOGY's Avatar
      THEHOGY -
      Omg this is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. TrogZ's Avatar
      TrogZ -
      *prayers that one can crafter cyber armor into best gear*
    1. Phoenixking's Avatar
      Phoenixking -
      Lol it wont happen since there's 55 gear
    1. Dranby's Avatar
      Dranby -
      This will be great
    1. [Lt] Shiny's Avatar
      [Lt] Shiny -
      Ha, ha! Lol, this is what everyone is been waiting for! Everything to make Lv 50 start enjoying something else other than PvP... XD
    1. Arterra's Avatar
      Arterra -
      haha boomer not 56. just goes to show how hard it will be...
    1. icantgetkills's Avatar
      icantgetkills -
      omg o.O i have school on monday and i got heaps of hw! farrrrrrk yew :L nooo!
    1. readtitle's Avatar
      readtitle -
      show the mage gear?
    1. Apostel's Avatar
      Apostel -
      HOLY MOLY! I can't wait, too!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Phoenixking's Avatar
      Phoenixking -
      Lol I have school but barely get hw I'm glad
    1. Speedwell's Avatar
      Speedwell -
      im going to be out of town for a week nooooooooooooooooooooooo
    1. robbyfooey's Avatar
      robbyfooey -
      I cant update my game. I followed their steps but it still doesn't work. Android
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