• Blackstar Rising

    Pocket Legends will always be our biggest love, but Blackstar was our first. This is the game that started it all (at least for us here at Spacetime Studios), and we are thrilled to finally be able to bring it to you!

    The press is already on fire about this, here is what they have been saying.

    Check out the Blackstar web page for info on our upcoming Sci-Fi epic, and while you are at it, stop by and become a fan on Facebook for the latest updates.

    Thanks, and keep your eyes to the skies!
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    1. Kossi's Avatar
      Kossi -
      woot! cant wait to be a part of their forum
    1. Cascade's Avatar
      Cascade -
      Sweet! Good luck in Blackstar!
    1. Grifjack's Avatar
      Grifjack -
      AHHH I cant wait to play!!!!!!!!! It looks awesome!!!
    1. Kirei's Avatar
      Kirei -
      although when it comes out im gonna have even less of a life, ill have to split my time between this and Pocket Legends..... and then ill have to make time to eat and sleep!
    1. Kingofhurtz's Avatar
      Kingofhurtz -
      Yeah I'm not sure which I'm going toplay more!!! Gotta get to56 quickly I can give PL a breakkkkk
    1. giayuan's Avatar
      giayuan -
      OMG this is gonna be GREAT! I love love love sci-fi stuff!
    1. Gamelova's Avatar
      Gamelova -
      Another MMO... let's see how this one turns out....

      Pocket Legends


      Graal Online Classic

      Graal Online Era

      ....... ( pause ) .......
    1. RileyD's Avatar
      RileyD -
      will it be like pl
    1. superss's Avatar
      superss -
      looks awesome... great job spacetime!
    1. NeoAtradies's Avatar
      NeoAtradies -
      woot woot!
    1. Harveyjj's Avatar
      Harveyjj -
      awsome new game huh with guns better
    1. Phoenixking's Avatar
      Phoenixking -
      Is graal cool?.....i am playing this....im a teen time is all i have but.....my parents will hate me if i get another game ill get addicted....hope they dont take my ipad away from me lol
    1. Violentsaint's Avatar
      Violentsaint -
      hmmm looks interesting, there a apoximate month we can hope to see this out?
    1. Rebel's Avatar
      Rebel -
      Quote Originally Posted by Violentsaint View Post
      hmmm looks interesting, there a apoximate month we can hope to see this out?
      Hey bud, how ya been? Haven't seen you in a while.

      Also, game looks sick. I'll definitely be playing.
    1. longsteak's Avatar
      longsteak -
      Whoa! Considering they're already appears to be pc footage of the game, hopefully we will see cross platforming sooner then expected
    1. romgar1's Avatar
      romgar1 -
      120 plat is waiting on you blackstar. A game where your small weapons look like a mega blaster of the void.
    1. DARTHMOJO's Avatar
      i can't wait! This game looks sweet!
    1. Phoenixking's Avatar
      Phoenixking -
      You can wait!
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