• Client Update 1.7.1 is Live!

    Client Update 1.7.1 for Pocket Legends is now live!

    It will take a while to propagate to all App Store territories. Android version is up now. 1.7 will shut down on the afternoon of April 12th.

    We invite you to join us on the Official Pocket Legends Message Forums to discuss this latest update. Click here to go to the forum thread to give feedback on this version.

    Read below the fold for the list of changes.

    • Updated New Player Experience! Improved player flow from application launch to entering the world, especially for new players.
    • New Character Creation! You now see your character as they will appear in game while creating your character. You are now allowed to select from a variety of faces and armor colors when creating a new character.
    • New Tutorial! The improved tutorial will better teach new players the basics of how to play Pocket Legends.
    • Added Emote Pack 3: Kiss, Back Flip, Clap, Point
    • Added Emote Pack 4: The FART PACK!
    • New Faces are now available for purchase at the Magic Mirror!
    • Oasis Towne has been completely revamped. Players can now walk into the Oasis pond and heal their health and mana! Daily quests have been added to receive additional Mystery Weapons, Armor, and Helmets.
    • Account Verification has been removed. You can now Purchase Platinum, access the Offer Wall, and Buy All Content without registering your account. Registering your account gives you the ability to log in on any supported device, and grants you access to Dark Forest for free.
    • A Global ability cool down timer has been added. Firing an ability causes all abilities to be on cool down for half a second.
    • Character deletion now requires the characters name be entered rather than just typing "delete".
    • Players can now purchase a revive for full health at the position of death for 1 Platinum.
    • When turning in a quest to an NPC, if they have a new quest available it will be immediately offered.
    • Added new Balefort Sewers equipment set bonuses!
    • Vyxnaar Helmet of Hate has a new appearance
    • Joining games hosted by friends through your friend list now require a password if one has been set. Previously, you could join your friends' password-protected games without giving a password.
    • Empty lines no longer appear in the crafting display
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    1. FluffNStuff's Avatar
      FluffNStuff -
      This is gonna get confusing.
    1. sharinganrin's Avatar
      sharinganrin -
      I don't like the cooldown makes farming slow
    1. woodfeet's Avatar
      woodfeet -
      Quote Originally Posted by sharinganrin View Post
      I don't like the cooldown makes farming slow
      You die more now with new cool downs...I am a lvl 54 Mage and its very frustrating...I feel like my mage is weeker now because of cool down.
    1. jakaniz's Avatar
      jakaniz -
      Bring back the world map. How can you suggest to join friends using this option and then not have that option available?
    1. Rduble's Avatar
      Rduble -
      So far so good. I like the gameplay with cool down and so do my friends.
      Cant wait till i can join propperly tho.
      Thanks PL for making a great game.
      Head of Security to MYSALESMAN
    1. totumdependeate's Avatar
      totumdependeate -
      Don't want to sound like a broken record but I have to say something about the cool down.
      Cool down might be good for pvp but when you are lower level and trying to get through levels or to complete quests this is very difficult. Most lower levels there aren't many "groups". We go by our selves trying to finish a quest. Does anyone understand how difficult this already is?
      Let's say you do find a group, by the power of some fictional deity, you are more than likely to get booted because you are a lower level. How is this supposed to keep people playing? I have two characters very high and two low and it's impossible the play with either of them. I left a group in frustration in the sewers because I couldn't heal/buff them in time.
      Played fathom crypts with a lower character all by myself (because no one would join, no other games) took the entire battery of the phone. Personally I don't have that kind of time with work and real life. I feel a lot of people would too. It's sad and very disappointing. However, i think it's time to hang up my wand and bow. Too bad, I didn't even get a chance to get that 56 crown.
    1. razerfingers's Avatar
      razerfingers -
      cool down needs to be fixed i die at lvl 55 in plasma pyramid and im a mage almost full int it fails now atleast my bear is decent
    1. superss's Avatar
      superss -
      great update! love everything but the cool down. im lvl 50 full void set and am die in vyxnarr dungeon first room!
    1. dibirkin1's Avatar
      dibirkin1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by woodfeet View Post
      You die more now with new cool downs...I am a lvl 54 Mage and its very frustrating...I feel like my mage is weeker now because of cool down.
      I agree ...the cooldown reallllly sucks..I'm not gonna play unless its changed. It totally changes the gameplay experience..
    1. [Lt] Shiny's Avatar
      [Lt] Shiny -
      ...slows down performance in PvP for me by a M I L E... please change it back, it gets really annoying
    1. ivjay's Avatar
      ivjay -
    1. Drekkthar's Avatar
      Drekkthar -
      sewers set bonuses?!?!
    1. OrFeAsGr's Avatar
      OrFeAsGr -
      Quote Originally Posted by FluffNStuff View Post
      This is gonna get confusing.
      pls tell me when you see this!!
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