• Spacetime Studios Celebrates 1 Year of Pocket Legends With Massive Giveaway and Celebration

    Adventure Areas Set to “Free” for 2 Weeks, Cakes and Party Hats for All, and Much More

    Pocket Legends, Spacetime Studios’ runaway hit MMO on Android and iOS will celebrate its One Year Anniversary and in the spirit of blazing new trails in mobile gaming plans to giveaway most premium adventure areas starting on April 19.

    New and existing players will get full access to Balefort Castle, Fathom Crypts, The Lost Expedition, The Ancient Swamps, Balefort Sewers, and The Alien Oasis Trilogy which will allow characters to progress to the end of the game for free. These adventure areas will remain free until Monday, May 4, 2011.

    In addition to hundreds of hours of free game play during the anniversary celebration, Spacetime Studios has prepared other in game activities. Each Towne will sport anniversary decorations such as giant birthday cakes, streamers, and balloons. Special in game items such as party hats will also be made available to all players.

    The developers also have a special ‘Thank You!’ message, beamed directly from the deranged mind of Cinco Loco on YouTube.

    Participating in the anniversary celebration alongside Pocket Legends, GetJar has today made the Pocket Legends app available via their distribution platform. GetJar is the world’s largest open app store with over 1.5 billion downloads to date.

    "GetJar is delighted to be working with Spacetime Studios during the anniversary celebration of their super successful mobile MMO” said Patrick Mork, chief marketing officer for GetJar. “Pocket Legends' ease-of-play, cross platform approach and compelling gameplay make it a must have title for mobile gamers around the world and we look forward to being a key distribution partner and part of their continued success."

    Pocket Legends One Year Anniversary Fast Facts:

    • Over three million people have played Pocket Legends
    • Pocket Legends is currently played in over 203 countries
    • Pocket Legends has been updated more than 200 times
    • The technology backbone of Pocket Legends, the Spacetime Engine, was more than five years in the making

    Below are the patch notes from the 1 Year Anniversary Game Update:

    • The "Main Spine" of content is now free: Balefort Castle, Fathom Crypts, Lost Expedition, Ancient Swamps, Alien Oasis Trilogy, and Balefort Sewers.
    • Anyone that purchased any Main Spine content within the last 3 days will have their Platinum refunded.
    • All accounts that have previously purchased the Main Spine will be automatically granted the "Shield of Gratitude", a limited-edition shield given to those that have supported our efforts up to this point. If you qualify, the shield can be found in your Stash.
    • Festive Party Hats are now available in the store. Wave at someone wearing one to receive a smaller party hat and help us celebrate our first year.
    • Characters can now only enter a campaign dungeon if they are within 2 levels of the minimum recommended level requirement for that campaign.
    • Players of all levels will be able to enter any towne.
    • Attempting to host a dungeon your character does not have minimum required level access to will put you in the last towne you were in.
    • Added 3 "mega-combos" that require all 3 character classes to perform. These mega-combos stack onto existing combos. Give them a try: Nature Strike + Hellscream, Shatter + Break Armor, Crushed + Drain Life.
    • Elixirs can now only be purchased with Platinum.
    • Skill respecs now cost 2 Platinum again.
    • Magic Mirror faces are now all 5 Platinum.
    • Wyldwood, Croc Feud, and Shadow Caves are now paid access campaigns. Players who already have access to Balefort Castle, Croc Swamp, and Alien Oasis 3 should be granted these expansions for free.
    • Low-level monsters in the Shadow Caves have a lot less armor (so trudging through them is quite a bit more fun).
    • Reduced the number of low-level monsters in the Shadow Caves.
    • There is now a 'towne' in the Shadow realm that can be reached via the world map.
    • You can now go directly into the Shadow realm through a secret passage in the Malik Museum.
    • Attempting to cast an ability which appears to not be on cooldown will cast that ability as soon as it is available to be cast, if it was actually not quite ready at the time of the attempt.
    • Gold Fever should no longer be combo-ing players with every attack.
    • Removed required minimum level checkbox from host screen since all dungeons now require the minimum level

    NOTE: As a special thank you to players who have been with us for at least 6 months, look for an exclusive “Founders Helm” coming Wednesday. We know we couldn’t have made it so far without the help of our early adopters!
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    1. superss's Avatar
      superss -
      yay pocket legends!!!!! (oh thats what you did with the chest plate saw it on facebook)
    1. Tiliana's Avatar
      Tiliana -
      Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication! Hope you all have many more Anniversaries to come!
    1. Arterra's Avatar
      Arterra -
      Aww no secret roman themed mini dungeon. One day, one day...
    1. Pink-O-Mat's Avatar
      Pink-O-Mat -
      but two questions:
      - How do you get the shield of gratitude? And i have purchased every map
      - the level requirement will it stay for the week or forever?
    1. ratava's Avatar
      ratava -
      ^Think the Level +2 to enter is permanent?

      Shield is for purchasing the complete set of dungeons before the anniversary 18th April... check your purchase history in options in game if still questioning e-m: support[at]spacetimestudios.com or post in the forum. Founders Helm tomorrow.

      Is Monday, May 4, 2011 a date we need to put in our calendars?!
    1. [Lt] Shiny's Avatar
      [Lt] Shiny -
      Amazing. Just amazing.
    1. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
      nice very nice i c
    1. thugimmortal's Avatar
      thugimmortal -
      Lmao CINCO
      That video was the funniest thing ive seen for a while it was insane rofl
    1. Orcish's Avatar
      Orcish -
      ROFL Great Job on the video, it reminded me of those local commercials you would always see in the late 80's and early 90's.
    1. BleedingRose's Avatar
      BleedingRose -
      I Never got a Founders Helmet for making an account In May or August
    1. Irish420's Avatar
      Irish420 -
      I cant log on it keeps sayin contacting server and thats it plz help or fix cause i really like this game
    1. Mennddoza's Avatar
      Mennddoza -
      Irish420, I too cant log on. They are probably fixing somethings for the holiday weekend. Do not get worried just be patient.
    1. itzyou's Avatar
      itzyou -
      Um it says Monday may4 but may 4th is wednesday? Or am I wrong?
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