• The Sandstone Caves - Monsters and Bosses

    Adventurers brave enough to dig into the Sandstone Caves will make some stony new friends. Golems, quicksand, sandstorms and worse are really looking forward to meeting you!

    A whole new premium adventure area is coming soon to Pocket Legends: The Sandstone Caves. Designed for characters level 20 to 25, the Sandstone Caves provides unique fun and adventure for those brave enough to battle the dangers the sandy rocks provide.

    Check out the previous Sandstone Caves Sneak Peeks Announcement and Items.

    Today we take a closer look at the Monsters and Bosses adventurers will encounter in the depths of The Sandstone Caves. Each of the bosses you fight will present unique challenges. Players will need to work together in coordination if they hope to triumph over these mountains of rock.

    The Sandstone Caves will be available the first week of May in the Pocket Legends Store for 10 Platinum. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and watch for patch notes!

    Just think, you could get a hug from this guy!

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    1. Twinrova's Avatar
      Twinrova -
      Nice, I can't wait to pwn these guys! Yay first comment
    1. ratava's Avatar
      ratava -
      Keep saying it, awesome creature designs guys!
    1. LIGHTNINGLORD67's Avatar
      Omg this will be very awesome!
    1. Hankomachos's Avatar
      Hankomachos -
      Woot prepare to die rocky Guy
    1. giayuan's Avatar
      giayuan -
      Woohoo!!! get your pick axes out xD
    1. MeGaDuMb's Avatar
      MeGaDuMb -
      Can't wait !!
    1. Wbto-Angeluscustos's Avatar
      Wbto-Angeluscustos -
      looks nice
    1. superss's Avatar
      superss -
      cool! and keeper staffs for 25s?
    1. Roasty's Avatar
      Roasty -
      I would most certainly like a hug from that moai dude. SPREAD THE LOVE
    1. omerojs's Avatar
      omerojs -
      Sweet... too bad is not for high lvl players... but ill still kick *** inside
    1. graasidekin's Avatar
      graasidekin -
    1. OrFeAsGr's Avatar
      OrFeAsGr -
      Nice for 25 lvl players
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