• Pocket Legends Client 1.7.2 is Now Available!

    It will take a while to propagate to all App Store territories. Android version should already be available in both the Android Market and GetJar. Version will shutdown at 6pm on May 19th, 2011.

    Here are the list of changes -

    • Elixirs now persist for a period of real-world time through death, dungeon changes and logouts.
    • You should be able to view the elixirs on your character in the avatar screen by tapping "Elixir Buffs".
    • You can purchase elixirs with gold again!
    • Store/Purchasing Improvements

    • The store has been completely reworked to improve ease of use.
    • You should find in most cases it will take you substantially fewer clicks to reach your destination
    • Itís now possibly to quickly compare items in the store with your current equipment.
    • Many feature purchases which were previously buried in the store are now made quickly from the relevant UI. These include emotes, campaigns, inventory slots, auction slots, stash slots, etc.
    • Improved secure trade! When both players agree to a trade a new window appears showing the entire trade in a locked state. While in this state no adjustments can be made. Each player can then chose to accept or decline the final trade.
    • Completing quests can now grant experience.
    • Added /trade command. This allow you to quickly trade with someone in a crowded area. No more digging through player names for the person you want to trade with.
    • Fixed completed quests display when inspecting another player.
    • When wielding a 2 handed weapon, offhand vanity items are no longer visible and no longer hide the weapon.
    • The skill book icon no longer appears when your character has less than four skills
    • Quick chat supports more text, up to two lines
    • Account details now shows account creation date
    • Unregistered accounts should now be able to purchase character renames
    • The client now knows if it could not connect to the server because the internet connection isn't working or if the server is actually down for maintenance. The correct message is displayed accordingly.
    • Possible fix for Gurgox sounds not working correctly under Android
    • You can now reserve your character's name for Blackstar!

    Also of note, Elixir platinum prices have been reduced in half from our original announcement. Here are the prices of Elixirs as they are for the release of 1.7.2

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    1. OrFeAsGr's Avatar
      OrFeAsGr -
      I dont know if i am the onlyone but when i tap some of the categories at store i get loged out! sorry if got on your nevres
    1. Samhayne's Avatar
      Samhayne -
      Quote Originally Posted by OrFeAsGr View Post
      I dont know if i am the onlyone but when i tap some of the categories at store i get loged out! sorry if got on your nevres
      If you are on Android and having trouble updating, check out our Tech Forums and our Android Forums
    1. Samhayne's Avatar
      Samhayne -
      Also, if you are wondering where you can purchase health and mana potions, go to Forest Haven and head west and see Ellie the Enchantress. She sells magical potions and other gear for your adventures. Stock up before you head out to do battle!

    1. Vivi's Avatar
      Vivi -
      I love the idea of Halved prices on the Platinum Elixirs, but considering the old prices and effects on "gold" elixirs I think it would be a good idea to lower them to 1.5k and 6k. People are cheap and they'd rather buy more for less. The higher the price the lower the demand. Often by lowering the price the sales increase dramatically, because people find it affordable/efficient to use them. That also applies to plat elixirs. So feel free to experiment with prices to find the happy middle that will have u making money and players happy cuz they can get an affordable Booster
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