• Forest Haven Revamp and Fiery Weapons of DOOM Now Available!

    The entire "Forest Haven" campaign for characters from Level 1 to 10 has been re-built from the ground up!
    • Defeat the evil witch "Silknight" and her horde of vicious minions in this new, exciting incarnation of "Forest Haven."
    • New quests! Follow the harrowing storyline that pits Forest Haven merchants against the forces of the DEAD.
    • New game mechanics! Acid pools, exploding barrels, water tanks, and poisonous 'Silk-Root' plants. (Smash a water barrel if you're on fire to douse the flames!)
    • New multi-stage boss fights! Shadow Minions, Fiery Fiends... and "Meathead" buffed-up with the power to throw you into pools of acid and / or summon monsters!

    The Spacetime Studios Design Team gave Pocket Legends players the chance to become part of the game by designing awesome fiery weapons of DOOM to be used in the revamp of the Forest Haven. The challenge was to create suitable weapon designs for up to three different Legendary Fiery Weapons for the evil witch Silknight and her followers.

    You can check out the different weapons on YouTube.

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    1. Redbridge's Avatar
      Redbridge -
    1. Sorcererssoul's Avatar
      Sorcererssoul -
      Must say, the weps are not the ones, that won the contest
    1. Placer's Avatar
      Placer -
      Nice work guys. Keep it up
    1. Mennddoza's Avatar
      Mennddoza -
      Im excited ^^
    1. Arterra's Avatar
      Arterra -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sorcererssoul View Post
      Must say, the weps are not the ones, that won the contest
      pretty close looking IMO. although what is that on the middle of the bow...? a beak?
    1. Pokechmp's Avatar
      Pokechmp -
      Nice, but if k - 2nd grade plays this, they might find it scary... And it has more lags but its still awesome. I hope u can revamp more dungeons like this
    1. Ovocotto's Avatar
      Ovocotto -
      The best game ever
    1. shprintz's Avatar
      shprintz -
      ty pocket legends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. superss's Avatar
      superss -
      wow cool weapons! great job devs! lol you devs are sooo poor in game! i mean look they have like 2k lol
    1. Putti Thep's Avatar
      Putti Thep -
      best game "antenna"
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