• 4th of July - Balloons and Emote Packs on Sale in Pocket Legends

    4th of July lands on a Wednesday this year, so we're building up to it this time around. Now through the 4th, we have a pet pack of 3 different balloon follow pets: Red Balloon, White Balloon and Blue Balloon. The Balloon pets have only previously been available via the Deal of the Day. Each Balloon will be on the Deal of the Day if you want to purchase it separately, or you can get all 3 of the balloons in The Store for 80 Platinum.

    We also have discounted the Emote Packs that include the Party and Firework emotes.

    We hope you have an awesome weekend and a safe and sane 4th of July!

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    1. xxkilsxx's Avatar
      xxkilsxx -
      so cool am I'm the first to say something
    1. shprintz's Avatar
      shprintz -
      (: i the second ....... ballons what i a kid? but nice thx pocket legends i like yours updating!!!!
    1. krazii's Avatar
      krazii -
      Used to be they'd have some type of celebratory vanity for ya for free just for being a loyal fan to the game, my times have changed everything costs plat now.
    1. ImHawk -
      well we all gotta help them earn their share.. after all this is their job...
    1. Luvaria's Avatar
      Luvaria -
      Lol I like the way the white one rotates =P But... I missed it ;-; Gotta get 18 more free plat for the pack
    1. barksonic's Avatar
      barksonic -
      those are cool
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