• Games.com Preview: Arcane Legends... the Legends series through a sieve

    Games.com talked recently with Spacetime Studios Design Director Eli Holding about Arcane Legends. Here is a clip from the article:

    Arcane Legends wears these similarities and more on its sleeve. The point of this fourth iteration of the Legends series is to take everything that worked in the previous three games and make leftovers with them, scrumptious-looking leftovers. Take the combat system, for instance. As players go about their monster-bashing, loot-lusting adventures in the Arlor, they'll be well equipped with action-oriented combat tools la Dark Legends, the developer's vampire-themed mobile MMO.

    To show off this admittedly punchy combat, Holding gives a tour of one of the first dungeons in Arcane Legends, a mineshaft overrun by nasty goblins. As his warrior becomes surrounded with baddies in a battle with a goblin archer, One-Eye, (the boss character to this particular dungeon), he unleashes a charged-up special attack that pulverizes three monsters in a single blow. Then, Holding hacks into a barrel near a gang of enemies with the expected result: goblins go boom.
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    1. Worship's Avatar
      Worship -
      Awesome! I'm excited!
    1. DXDARKXSOULXD's Avatar
      i am excited too but dont know when
    1. geray776's Avatar
      geray776 -
      I can't wait for arcane lege
    1. geray776's Avatar
      geray776 -
      arcane legends
    1. zaoeflasin's Avatar
      zaoeflasin -
      When does it come out!? So excitet!
    1. chase1_2's Avatar
      chase1_2 -
      when Dus it come out I cant wait I play all the legends games
    1. Blaedus's Avatar
      Blaedus -
      I hope combat is the only thing Arcane will have in common with Dark. I swear, that energy limit made me stop playing :-\
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