• App Chronicles Likes Spacetime's Fresh Content

    App news and review website App Chronicles gives a nod to Spacetime Studios for their ability to deliver content. Here is a clip:

    How do they do it? First, they have a dedicated and active developer corps that actually tends to the player community. When I go to the Spacetime Studios forums, I donít have to go very far to find a recent, friendly, informative message from the devs either discussing upcoming content, responding to a player question, or asking what the players want to see next. Compare that to the OnC forums, where the forum moderators ó who are in no way connected to the dev team ó rarely speak up, and when they do itís usually to offer canned, empty replies to complaints.

    Itís amazing what a difference these two things make. Between them, they deliver a clear message: Spacetime Studios cares about their games, cares about their players, cares about the future of their game.

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    1. Worship's Avatar
      Worship -
      Grats on the compliments STS! Can't wait for future updates/games
    1. markymarx's Avatar
      markymarx -
      Its true
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