• Arcane Legends Development: PvP - Capture the Flag & Next Expansion

    4 vs. 4 Capture the Flag Player vs. Player Map Coming Soon!

    Let's get ready to rumble!! Gather your friends and join the mayhem as 4v4 Capture the Flag is launching very soon!

    Fight opponents for control of the flag. Run the flag, scout, defend your flag or go all in... it is up to you! The first to 5 flag captures wins! A new leaderboard recording PvP kills along with PvP Achievements and Titles will also be added.

    Capture the Flag is currently in final development testing and could go live as early as Friday, January 18th!

    New Expansion Coming! Level Cap Raise, New Content and Pirates!

    Across the ocean south of Windmoore lies the Kraken Isles, a series of small islands rich in natural resources and grog. On the surface it looks like paradise but the land is rife with pirates and threatened by an ancient curse. The Rogue jumps on the nearest seaworthy vessel, returning to her homeland to save her family…and pick up a few pirate treasure chests!

    A new high seas adventure is in the making for Arcane Legends! Aaaar! Shiver me timbers! The Dev Team is hard at work on the next expansion, titled "The Kraken Isles." This will be similar to the Dead City expansion, in that the level cap will go up 5 levels and there will be all new areas to explore, new loot, new quests and more.

    Timing wise, you can expect the next expansion in February. Look for more details over the coming weeks as we prepare to get nautical and say, “Arrrr!”

    You are playing the best Mobile MMO of 2012!

    Massively declares Arcane Legends the best Mobile MMO of 2012! Arcane Legends is also in the running for an award from BestAppEver.com If you like Arcane Legends please click here to cast your vote.

    Thanks for reading this latest In Development Update and thanks for your support of Arcane Legends!
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    1. Don Goliad's Avatar
      Don Goliad -
      hello this is deveria not ask this favor but I greatly Facino haora arcane legends that I play all day and night dias.desde my brother told me to play on my Android phone so much because I loved playing with the , with your mobile and mio.en the beginning did not know anything because I was in English and not in Latin American and Spanish and am very good Howrah Howrah understand everything, but since I started playing I had a serious problem and were the attributes attack because I randomly chose because they did not understand what he said, and I ask this favor haora both cost me say, nesesito
      3 of platinum to get started again with my attributes Llaque I have 2 in my avatar and be the best please thanks
    1. Denka's Avatar
      Denka -
      Cant wait
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