• Kraken Isles Expansion Coming to Arcane Legends in Late February.

    The Kracken Isles Expansion is Coming! Level Cap Raise, New Content and Pirates!

    Across the ocean south of Windmoore lies the Kraken Isles, a series of small islands rich in natural resources and grog. On the surface it looks like paradise but the land is rife with pirates and threatened by an ancient curse.

    A new high seas adventure is in the making for Arcane Legends! Aaaar! Shiver me timbers! The Dev Team is hard at work on the next expansion, titled "The Kraken Isles." This will be similar to the Dead City expansion, in that the level cap will go up 5 levels and there will be all new areas to explore, new loot, new quests and more.

    Above, you can see a partial picture of the new map that will be implemented with the Kraken Isles expansion. Interested adventurers will be able to sail to the Kraken Isles from Windmoore. The map will have pop out functionality to choose which adventure area you want to go to. Heading to a town is pretty straightforward (and what most users use the Map to do). If you want to say, go to the Dead City, a pop up will let you choose which of the 5 different maps you want to go to.

    This cleans up a lot of the clutter on the map interface

    Here is a beach screenshot to whet your appetite for Pirate adventure! Can you see the fish? I guess it's not as easy to spot them in a static image, in that you can't see them swimming around.

    If you are registered on the Forums as a Spacetime Insider, we have a couple of other extra screenshots for you. Spacetime Insiders click here: http://www.spacetimestudios.com/show...s-for-Insiders

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    Timing wise, you can expect the next expansion in the latter half of February. Look for more details over the coming weeks as we prepare to get nautical like Blackbeard and say, “Arrrr!”

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    Thanks for reading this latest In Development Update and thanks for playing Arcane Legends!
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    1. GANGWAR's Avatar
      GANGWAR -
      i am on level 22 but paradise pier is locked, i am unable to play, its saying clear previous stage, help me
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