• Double XP Coming to Arcane Legends this Weekend, April 13-14 + VIP Rewards!

    This weekend, April 13-14 will be a Double XP weekend in Arcane Legends!

    All experience will be doubled!

    If you want to hit the level cap before the Battle for Nordr expansion, now is the time!

    VIP Rewards!

    On Friday, April 12th, we will pull a list of all Arcane Legends players who have:

    • A level 26 character on thier account
    • Ever spent $19.99 or more in any Spacetime Game

    To help our VIP's get the most of of this Double XP weekend, we will be giving everyone who meets the above criteria the following FREE elixirs on all of their characters!

    • 15 minute Damage Elixir
    • 15 minute Movement Speed elixir

    Get ready for a Double XP weekend!
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    1. cyrusrevange's Avatar
      cyrusrevange -
      Very nice I like it
    1. jimborocket's Avatar
      jimborocket -
      I only 21
    1. Aneharabe's Avatar
      Aneharabe -
      Nice event..but when you raise cap it would be awesome to do some free respecs days..people will surelly wanna change something
    1. alexblack's Avatar
      alexblack -
      Im only 25 and i cant pay with my card because i cant spent money for every thing
    1. HatchetMax's Avatar
      HatchetMax -
      fix arcane legdend it crashes on my hawaui accend or force closes its a bummer if I try to play n lags with crash or force closes because of lag it doesn't do that on dark legend or pocket legend on my cell
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