• The Battle for Nordr is coming THIS WEEK!

    Behind these gates an epic adventure awaits!

    Through Frozen Woodlands

    Across Perilous Mountains

    Into Forgotten Caverns

    Assault the Fortress of the Giants

    To confront this guy!

    Get Ready!
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    1. jimborocket's Avatar
      jimborocket -
    1. KordLord's Avatar
      KordLord -
      AWESOME!! cant wait!
    1. Rawrimafish's Avatar
      Rawrimafish -
      MORDOR! oh wait nordr? sweet
    1. didgeroreilly's Avatar
      didgeroreilly -
      I guess I found ARCANE LEGENDS at the right time. I'll be in the 20 - 25 range. So I won't have to wander around at level 25. YAY! I'm assuming there is a minimum level prerequisite to get to NORDR?
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