• New Star Legends Level Cap: AFTERMATH - Planet STS.25

    The saga of Human Colony Planet STS-25 continues...

    Defeated and driven off-world by Privateers from the UCS Blackstar, the Scorn unleash a devastating bio-weapon on STS-25: a legion of genetically-modified Vular! This ravenous swarm of man-eating super insects must be removed from the planet... so the displaced humans can start return and start rebuilding their lives.

    Unfortunately, in response to the infestation of Vular, STS-25's planet-wide Colonial Defense system has triggered a containment field which makes stimpacks unusable! Only through clever team-work, good Engineer support... (or by destroying numerous UC MedCON nano-medicine containers left behind on the planet surface) can explorers hope to restore their full health and energy.

    • New Level Cap: 50 (51 for the elite!)
    • New Achievements and Titles!
    • New Powerful RETRO Colonial Weapons and Armor for Levels 44+
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    1. Rawrimafish's Avatar
      Rawrimafish -
      Ooooooooooh holy cow!
    1. jimborocket's Avatar
      jimborocket -
      i cant play star legends anymore i need better chrome
    1. Cloneo's Avatar
      Cloneo -
      Thank you sts for another great cap update. SL was just getting very boring bcuz we had nothing to do but pvp and almost nothing else.
      This cap's difficulty really made sure that we had to work together to win. (tried soloing it..I failed xD) Once again..TY STS!
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