• New Arcane Rarity Pet: Samael the Wraith!

    Now available only from Locked Grand Crates of the Watch:

    Samael the Wraith

    His abilities include:

    Passive health and mana heal to party members around him (tied to happiness bonus). This effect becomes stronger as the pet levels.
    Banishment: Activated ability has a 10% chance to instantly kill an enemy and high chance to panic targets. Does not kill bosses or other players in PvP.
    Has a chance to spread Pestilence: a Damage over Time effect. Each tick has a chance to spread to another nearby enemy.

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    1. Chalovero's Avatar
      Chalovero -
      wow looking so cool
    1. asimauara's Avatar
      asimauara -
      He is to hard to find i blew almost 600 plats and not one arcane anything! Ill try again this week!
    1. OSA's Avatar
      OSA -
      holy cow that thing is sick
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