• Battle Dragons Available Exclusively for Android Devices Worldwide

    Spacetime Games' Battle Dragons Soars on the Nexus 7 II Tablet

    Persistent Combat Strategy Title Available Exclusively for Android Devices Worldwide

    Spacetime Games’ persistent combat strategy title, Battle Dragons, has been unleashed for the launch of the new Nexus 7 II tablet. Battle Dragons is now available worldwide, exclusively on Google Play.

    In Battle Dragons, players command an army of ferocious, powerful dragons. To achieve a victory, they must collect resources, fortify their bases and form strategic alliances with other players to assemble a tribe. If they are successful, players will advance from chieftain of a small tribe to leader of the Dragon Nations.

    Battle Dragons incorporates many of the popular social elements Spacetime implemented in the companies' top selling Legends franchise, applied now to the persistent combat strategy space. By playing cooperatively with tribe mates, players are granted construction buffs, can reduce resource collection times and are able to donate troops to one another.

    Battle Dragons also makes heavy use of Google Play Game Services, providing players with online achievements to further demonstrate their prowess.

    Players gain competitive advantages by refining their defensive and offensive strategies via “Spar” mode. Players can deploy their troops against their own base, learning which units are optimal against each other without any loss of dragons or emplacements, and then adjust their tactics accordingly. Future updates will provide the opportunity for tribe mates to spar with one another.

    As part of Spacetime Studios’ close working relationship with Google, the game has been optimized for the Nexus 7 II tablet. Battle Dragons players can expect vivid graphics on the Nexus 7 II's resolution display and high-fidelity sound.

    Battle Dragons was designed from the ground up as an interactive toy box,” Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Games said. “Combining the power of the Nexus 7 II with Battle Dragons allows us to deliver fabulous graphics and extraordinary sound for mobile gaming.”

    Battle Dragons is the fifth title from Spacetime Games. The previous Spacetime titles, Arcane Legends, Star Legends, Dark Legends and Pocket Legends have collectively amassed more than 250 million play sessions and 20 million downloads. Legends is the world's most downloaded mobile MMO series and the largest cross-platform MMO franchise.

    Battle Dragons is free to download and play. The game features optional microtransactions and virtual currency that enhance the play experience with vanity items and speed boosts.

    After the exclusive period the game will also be available for iOS devices.

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