• New Mythic Wraith Pet - Abaddon! Now in the Arcane Legends Stable.

    A new Wraith Pet is now available in Arcane Legends!


    A few details about him:

    Happiness Bonus: 110 Armor, +10 Primary Stat, +15% Damage, +12% Movement Speed, and +10% XP Bonus.

    Activated Ability: Fallen Curse
    Does damage and has a chance to add a shadowy damage over time effect that reduces hit chance to all enemies within range.

    Attack: As you level Abaddon up, his direct attack will also increase in capability. At higher levels it will cleave and hit multiple targets as well as reduce the chance to hit, reduce armor and at end levels it will additionally reduce the chance for hit enemies to score critical hits.

    The armor bonus is especially powerful while your character is lower level. It is still very nice at any level, but if you are leveling up an alt, it is really noticeable.

    The 10% XP bonus while the Abaddon is with you and happy stacks with all other XP bonus effects.

    Look for Abaddon to be in the Arcane Legends Stable!
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    1. jimborocket's Avatar
      jimborocket -
      Pretty cool
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      MinerMark -
      Prefer Samuel or whateverhisnameis
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