• Battle Dragons Update - Big New Features and More!

    There is a new client (iOS 1.0.4, Android 1.0.4) available for Battle Dragons that is full of new features and improvements!

    The new client contains the following changes:

    • Walls just got easier with bulk wall upgrading! You can now select a row of walls and upgrade them all at once.
    • The Tribe user interface has many new features and improvements, including: player statistic panel, trophy change indicator, boost counter and more!
    • Added support for the following languages. Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Malay, German, French, Indonesian. Change your language in the settings.
    • Added the ability to ignore players in the chat window.
    • Battle replays now skip past any inaction and start when the fighting starts.
    • You can now cycle between dojos and the temple of magic to save time when building your army.
    • Healers no longer heal flying units.
    • You can now click and hold to donate troops.
    • Added a countdown warning to the end of the 30 second PvP battle evaluation period.
    • The achievements panel will now automatically scroll to your first claimable achievement.
    • To reduce spam, tribes now only receive a single tribe invite request from the same player per day.
    • Tribe Hall and Dojo should dispense units 1 by 1 rather than in clumps.
    • Villagers and builders should behave more consistently now.
    • Various crash fixes and performance enhancements.

    Please update to the new client. It may take a while for the new client to get propagated to the Apple/Google servers.


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    1. kspires223's Avatar
      kspires223 -
      I love the features and improvement. Thanks a lot. I just enjoy this.
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