• Battle Command! now available to Spacetime Insiders!

    Spacetime Games is excited to invite Insiders to be the very first to play our newest game: Battle Command!

    Battle Command! is a military strategy game set in the not-too-distant future. Take command of a rag-tag fighting force in desperate need of your leadership. Build your base, raise your army and go to war against other players in an epic quest for domination.

    Do you have the skills to become the world's next great commander?

    For a limited time Spacetime Insiders can get first access to the game, click here to download Battle Command!

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    1. poiuytrewq's Avatar
      poiuytrewq -
      ugh why not released on ios at the same time, android users always get founder items.
    1. xDenzie_'s Avatar
      xDenzie_ -
      Hi im Denzel! i just want to say , i hate it that games first come on android and months later on ios.... why not launch them on both at the same time? that will be fun for everyone..... i hope this will be done with more games in the future ! but till then ill be waiting for this game on my ipad!
    1. Cookieblitzz's Avatar
      Cookieblitzz -
    1. Gamericolima's Avatar
      Gamericolima -
      Hi I cant delet My save . how delet my save... Help
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