• Pocket Legends Halloween!

    Halloween is back in Pocket Legends!

    Costumes are available for rent in the store, due back on Nov. 5th.
    New quest rewards for this year's event.
    New Halloween Armor drops!
    Speak to the town Crier to get started!
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    1. Ninjafish's Avatar
      Ninjafish -
      I want some.cool stuff plz
    1. poiuytrewq's Avatar
      poiuytrewq -
      Some NEW stuff plz not some bad armour and 1 new vanity -.-
    1. Probesbehr's Avatar
      Probesbehr -
      Do u got any vanity packs? Cus i didnt see any
    1. poiuytrewq's Avatar
      poiuytrewq -
      u dont
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