• Crafting & Upgrade System Now Live in Arcane Legends!

    New Crafting and Upgrade Systems Now Available in Arcane Legends

    Now you can create powerful Gems and socket them into all of your items to improve item stats!

    As you adventure, you will collect different magical essences. Using Crafting you can distill these essences into various Gems. Socket Gems into your items to improve your stats! Trade, Buy and Sell Gems to other players! Use Crafting and Item Upgrades to improve your stats and be the most powerful Hero ever!


    The Crafting System will allow you to create different, powerful Gems that you can then socket into your gear to improve their statistics. Initial Gem recipes include:

    In order to create a Gem, you will need to gather 10 Essences. Essences drop as you adventure, or you may purchase Essences from the Store. Essences can drop from most opponents, chests and breakables (like barrels and boxes).

    Essences are magical in nature and bind their energy to the person who holds them. As such, Essences are not tradeable. After you condense 10 Essences to form a Gem, you can trade the Gem or sell the Gem on the Consignment Shoppe to other players.

    The process of condensing 10 Essences into a Gem takes time. It takes 8 hours to create 1 Gem. You can have up to 5 total crafts or upgrades in progress at any one time on any one character.

    This is the first use of this new Crafting System. There is a lot of room for future expansion. The Arcane Legends Development Team is excited to use this new system to create compelling new content in the future for you.


    The Upgrade System will allow you to socket one or more (depending on the quality of the item) powerful Gems into your gear.

    The number of Gems any particular item will hold depends on the quality of the item:

    Epic items: 1 upgrade slot
    Legendary items: 2 upgrade slots
    Mythic or Arcane items: 3 upgrade slots

    Socketing a Gem is not a trivial task and takes time. While an item is having a Gem socketed, it is not available for use. Plan your upgrading carefully!

    Putting a Gem into the first socket takes 8 hours. A second and third socket take even more time.

    The amount of bonus that a Gem grants depends on the level of an item. In a level 36 item a normally bonded Gem grants a +3 stat bonus, while a superior bonded Gem grants a +6 stat bonus.

    When a Gem finishes imbuing into a socket, it has a chance to form a superior bond with the item for an additional bonus! Once you have a Gem socketed into an item, you can replace that gem with a new one and have a chance for that replacement to yield a superior bonded Gem! Replacing an existing socketed Gem takes 12 hours, regardless if it is in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Gem slot.

    Here is an example walk-through of the Upgrade process socketing a Blood Gem to add some extra STR to a lvl 31 Entomed Hammer of Warfare.

    Step 1: Select Item

    Step 2: Select Slot

    Step 3: Select Gem

    Step 4: Review Upgrade Info

    Step 5: Confirm

    Step 6: Upgrade in Progress

    While the Entombed Hammer of Warfare is being upgraded it is not available for use. If you want your item right away, you can use Platinum to purchase through the timer. Any one character may only have a total of 5 Crafts or Upgrades in progress at any one time.

    Notice how the Super Gem stat bonus for the Level 31 Entombed Hammer of Warfare is +5, where a level 36 item can be +6. This scales up from level 10 items that are a base +1 with a Super Gem possible bonus of +2.

    The Crafting Station, where you can start new Gem crafts, start new Upgrades, review your current progress and pick up finished items is easily accessible from the main menu.

    As with Crafting, this is the first use of this new System. There is a lot of room for future expansion with Upgrades.
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