• August Legends Producer Letter: Planar Arena, Tombs and More

    Hello everyone!

    I want to update you with what the Arcane Legends Development Team is up to. While you’ve been playing Ursoth’s Assault, the Dev Team has been very busy making more new stuff for you!

    Planar Arena and Planar Tombs:
    The next free endgame content is getting ready for you. It will be a two part release. First up is a refresh to the Shuyal Gladiator Arena. After that, a new adventure area will follow: the Planar Tombs.

    Planar Arena:

    The mysterious gladiator boss brawl is getting a facelift. The contest promoters are moving to an incredible, out of this world, destination. A new fearsome boss is also joining the ranks. To entice willing victims, uhh, participants, the promoters have all new Legendary Armor up for grabs. Will you have what it takes to find victory in the Planar Arena?

    Below are a few advance screenshots. Arena construction continues, but should be ready to rumble soon.

    You will get the chance to check out the Planar Arena soon on our new Test Server. Read on to learn more.

    Planar Tombs:

    Following the demise of Inan’hesh, the Nott are working to find untapped ancient power sources to use in restoring Shuyal from the ravages of the Devourer

    The Planar Tombs adventure will follow some weeks after the Planar Arena is live. As part of your adventure, you will have the possibility of uncovering some of the most coveted Legendary Weapons yet!

    This planar content will also feature a quest line that leads to a Mystical Pendant like none ever seen before!

    Planar Testing:
    We recently used a public test server to test the next big update, titled Darium, coming soon to Battle Command! We will be doing the same thing for the above Planar content. We will have specific play test times where you can download the test app, try out the new stuff and then give us your feedback.

    We will be posting more about how you can get involved with testing in the near future.

    Undead Whelp Pet:
    We know that we have been doing a lot of Arcane Pets recently. We are committed to making them all balance out. We really appreciate the feedback you gave us regarding this latest pet. We have further refinements to Singe and Shady and Surge coming in the future to better balance out Arcane Pets.

    Ankhs for Revive and Revenge:
    We will also be introducing a new item: Ankhs.

    Ankhs will allow you to Revive or Revenge instead of using Platinum. Kits of 25 Ankhs will be available for purchase for Platinum and will be tradeable. This will allow anyone to obtain Ankhs for gold via the Consignment Shop or by trading with others.

    But wait, there is more!
    Shark week is coming soon to the Discovery Channel ... and Arcane Legends too!

    Edit: I also wanted to add that the designers are working on revising the Elondrian Bulwark. Look for the revised version on the test server when the arena stuffs goes out.

    Thanks, as always, for being part of the Spacetime Gamer Community! Reply below with your comments. I look forward to reading them.

    I will see you in Arlor!

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    1. Evicted's Avatar
      Evicted -
      Hey Samhayne, hope you are doing good

      Can you give any idea of when is the testing app coming out for us? And is it only in texas or all over the world? For how long we can test and after the test when will it be added to game.

      So excited,
    1. adhyss's Avatar
      adhyss -
      yes mr. Sam i want to know to where or when we can try test. thx before
    1. Ishtmeet's Avatar
      Ishtmeet -
      I want bulwark to be fixed too badly. I hope you add 20 str and 200 armour to it, maybe buff it's proc as well as attack range. It is ridiculous.
    1. maximuszxz's Avatar
      maximuszxz -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ishtmeet View Post
      I want bulwark to be fixed too badly. I hope you add 20 str and 200 armour to it, maybe buff it's proc as well as attack range. It is ridiculous.
      Dear STS designers, if you don't know yet, the game is currently very very unbalanced class wise, rouges are owning and 1-2-3shotting everyone in pvp. Warrior suppose to be a tank but can't even last 2-3 shots from a rouge? There is something seriously wrong here. The best weapon right now for warrior still is the level 31 maul, which came out more than a year ago. There's nothing really to do pve at the moment, all there is left for us to do is pvp, and pvp right now is so unbalanced, with the bug in TDM, the bugged juggernaut and the outdated weapons. Please make the bulwark a decent pvp weapon too, right now it is not even comparable to magma claymore or the goblin glaive in terms of pvp, yes we do get more armor but we don't deal any damage and our heal sucks. Adding simply some str and 200 armour won't help it much, like what everyone says it needs a complete overhaul with more damage, better attack range and proc. When everyone wants a new pvp weapon why give us a pve weapon,a not so good one either. Who says sword and shield weapon can't be a pvp weapon. This game is very gear dependent, meanwhile rouges and mages got a great new weapon, we warriors got the most disappointing mythic weapon since this game launched! I mean if it is not a mythic weapon, we wouldn't expect it to be that good, but it is mythic, so please make it good. Thank you so much revising the bulwark. We warriors love this game too and want to enjoy it as much as the other classes.
    1. Memnoch The Devil's Avatar
      Memnoch The Devil -
      they should buff it in such a way that the if we are equipt the same , all mythic for example , mythic chest, helmet, ring, amulet and weapon we have the same chance of killing as the rogue or mage, the only difference should be how skilled we are to use our skills... otherwise the bulwark is a bad weapon... as i said before i know is a defensive weapon, but that means that i can take like a lot of dmg... not in 100 years with how the bulwark is right now im gonna be able to use it in pvp and actually kill someone that his equipt as me
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