• The Curse of the Cryostar Expansion is LIVE! Explore the depths of the Underhul.

    The day has finally arrived! You--our Arlorian Heroes--succeeded in fortifying the gnomes of Glintstone and the seal to the Underhul has been broken. Now is the time to launch your counter attack on the heretic gnomes before they can take over Glintstone for their own nefarious agenda.


    After rescuing the Gnomes from the exile forced upon them by Korgar Goretusk, the Heroes of Arlor have new found allies in the Gnomes of Glintstone. Not all Gnomes returned from exile the same as they left though. While in banishment, dissension spread among a sect of the Gnome population, feeling that their king, King Barlow Slaterock, was no longer fit to lead them if this exile was able to happen.

    Upon their return to Glintstone, this group of Gnomes quietly separated themselves from the general population, retreating into the less-traveled depths of the Glintstone Caverns. This area is generally referred to as Underhul by the Gnomes. Their leader: Jadis Gearloose, a rabble-rouser known to have strong opinions, but also enough charisma to garner a following.

    Two of the Gnomes choosing to follow Jadis Gearloose were Preston and Heston Cogswell, known for being two of the most gifted minds in Glintstone. Even before the exile, they were working on technology that would allow the Gnomes to harvest every bit of power out of the cryogems which populate all of the local caverns. With the technology now perfected, and under the guidance of Jadis Gearloose, they had begun siphoning power from the gems they were collecting for use in their new inventions. This siphoning of power had unanticipated side effects, however. These heretic Gnomes slowly began to succumb to the immense power that the gems possess. It warped the minds of some, turned others downright crazy, and some were actually able to absorb the raw power, turning them into gnome-sized monsters.

    The biggest gain for the heretic gnomes was enlisting the help of those that had previously banished them. The Ren'gol orcs, now leaderless, were mercenaries without a cause. Using his superior intellect, and boxes of shiny objects, Jadis Gearloose managed to convince the orcs to work for him and do his bidding. With the power of the gems, and now the muscle of the Ren'gol orcs, Jadis Gearloose was now ready to take on Glintstone itself and assume rule over the Gnomes.

    Having just recently returned to Glintstone though, the Gnomes were in no way prepared for an assault by both orcs and heretic gnomes. Again, the Gnomes turn to the Arlorians of the above world for help. To preserve their alliance with the Gnomes, adventurers will venture down into the caverns once more to eliminate the remaining orc threat and stop Jadis Gearloose from carrying out his maniacal plan to take over Glintstone.



    Earn these awesome new beetle-inspired Legendary sets--up to item level 51--by opening the Bronze, Silver and Gold Heretic Chests that drop from Underhul bosses and purchase pieces from the Glintstone Token Vendor.


    To earn these gnome forged Mythic pieces, you'll need to stock up on Glintstone tokens by farming Underhul maps. The Glintforged Armor set is item level 47 and comes in 4 different stat variations for each class, to maximize your preferred stat build. Then, there are the Flame Forged weapons: Rogue Daggers, Mage Staff and Warrior 2H Hammer. Check out the token vendor to peruse the different variations to pick the best version for your character. Each weapon also comes with a powerful proc to help ease your encounters against the cryo-tainted Heretic Gnomes.


    Daggers: Chance on attack to proc Ignition. Ignition increases movement speed, grants immunity to stun and freeze effects, grants 75% damage reduction, and bursts flames hurting nearby enemies. Players cannot use other skills while Ignition is active.

    Hammer: Chance on attack to Forge Mark the enemy. Forge Marked enemies deal decreased damage. Attacking a Forge Marked enemy consumes the Forge Mark to deal 35% of your health as damage.

    Staff: Chance on attack to cast Wildfire on enemies. Enemies affected by Wildfire take damage over time and have a chance to spread Wildfire to nearby allies or refresh their own Wildfire when taking damage.


    There are 4 new pets to collect in the Curse of the Cryostar Expansion.

    Entomis is an epic rarity beetle pet who first became available with the Level 46 Level Up Bundle. He can also be purchased for plat directly from the stable.

    Titan is a Legendary rarity beetle pet that can be obtained from any Locked Cryostar crate, or from the Glinstone Token Vendor.

    Sentinel is another Legendary beetle that has a chance to drop from all Heretic chests, as well as Locked Cryostar crates.

    Munch Mouth is an Arcane rarity robot pet, and the rarest of the pets available in this expansion. Munch Mouth drops ONLY from Large Cryostar Crates, or can be purchased for Crate Tokens from the Crate Token Vendor.


    Starting this expansion, a new tier of jewel 'Exquisite.' Exquisite jewels will not drop from the world, and can only be obtained by combining lesser gems. Exquisite jewels are the 9th and top tier of jewel in Arlor.

    Sacks of Jewels are also available in this expansion. They can be obtained from any Locked Cryostar Crate or purchased for Crate Tokens from the vendor. Sacks of Jewels can be opened to receive 3 random jewels or Weak, Damaged or Standard quality.

    Enjoy the expansion, and best of luck in your brave quest to eradicate the heretic gnomes from the Underhul!
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