• [Unannounced Game] Closed Beta


    Thank you for your interest in our Unannounced Game. Our main goal during Closed Beta is to polish the game based on player feedback. If you are chosen to participate, we would ask that you provide regular feedback on the game in the Forums. These will be closed to the public for the duration of the Closed Beta.

    Device Requirements

    For iOS, this game requires a 64 bit device (iPad Air or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPhone 5s or later) running iOS 10 or higher.
    For Android, this game requires a higher-end device running Android 5.
    There is no Chrome client for this game.

    Account Requirements

    This new game will not use Spacetime Accounts. Players will need either an Apple Gamecenter account (for iOS players) or a Google Play account (for Android users) to participate in the Closed Beta.

    Streaming/ Image sharing expectations

    Since the game is not final, we would ask that you do not show any of it to the public. This includes streaming and posting of images online. Violators will be removed from the Closed Beta (at the least).

    Server wipe/ name expectations

    We plan on wiping the server (and all progress, character names, etc.) at least once during the Closed Beta. We will definitely wipe the servers at the end of the Closed Beta period before we soft-launch. Nothing you acquire during the Closed Beta period (including your name) will be saved to your account.

    Transaction/ purchase expectations

    Due to the restrictions with Beta distribution, we will not be able to offer in-app purchases during Closed Beta. Everyone will be playing as a F2P player.


    We would very much appreciate your critical feedback on the game, across all areas. If accepted into the Beta, please use the Unannounced Game Forums (currently private) to provide your opinions, concerns, etc.


    Closed Beta is currently scheduled to begin the week of 10/9/17. We will let you know the status of your application around that time.

    Application Format

    An active forum account is required to participate in the Closed Beta. Please send an email to community@spacetimestudios.com formatted like this:

    Email Title: New Game Closed Beta

    Email Body:

    Forum Name
    AppleID Email or Google Play Email
    Device Type and OS
    One line on why you would like to test this game

    We are extremely appreciative for your help in making this our best game ever! Questions and comments below, and thanks!
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    1. jmitchell10000@gmail.com's Avatar
      jmitchell10000@gmail.com -
      Looks good!
    1. Shishiboo's Avatar
      Shishiboo -
      wooo game looks amazing, can't wait to possibly test this out <3
    1. raquelsegal's Avatar
      raquelsegal -
      Email sent! Thanks for the opportunity
    1. Dheva08's Avatar
      Dheva08 -
      waiting for the new one.. 😂
    1. InFamouSs's Avatar
      InFamouSs -
      is it today?or tommorow?
      and how do we find out if we can participate in Closed-beta?
    1. Justg's Avatar
      Justg -
      We'll let in another group on Wednesday, and then another one on Friday.
    1. Krillon's Avatar
      Krillon -
      Nice sent email cant wait for this one
    1. tafg's Avatar
      tafg -
      Quote Originally Posted by Justg View Post
      We'll let in another group on Wednesday, and then another one on Friday.
      Hope I get chosen. I have a question, Are we only allowed to use the device we listed In the email? I originally listed my tablet bc my cellphone is off but I was able to turn it back on. Do I just wait to see if I'm chosen and address then In a reply email?

    1. Kingzila's Avatar
      Kingzila -
      Damn, guess i can't join since I'm ios 7, oh well i guess.
    1. Dchar7's Avatar
      Dchar7 -
      Looking foward to the new game even if I don't get to trial the beta.
      I don't know where to post this but I have a suggestion for pvp.
      Rank System - Players will compete as a team in order to increase their pvp reputation, pvp reputation is reset every season & contains exclusive rewards for every player who meets the quota for that season.
      There will be a certain amount of stages or tiers you will have to reach in reputation in order to claim these rewards, the rewards will consist of platinum, a title & vanity items.
      These vanity items/titles are exclusive meaning they will only be available once. The reason I chose vanity over real gear is because it won't affect gameplay, it is just for the looks & displays you're a pvp veteran.

      Basically people will be matched in teams either with friends, guild members or randoms to fight other teams to climb the ranks. Every win nets you a certain amount of reputation & losing makes you decline in rank. You only have to reach the top tier once during the season to claim all of the rewards.
      In order to reach the top tier you will have to be in the top 100 or so people.
      You will be matched against teams who are closer to your rank so you have a fair fight. A teams rank is calculated between each player individually. Meaning Rank 1 will be matched against the closes rank to them who is also queued for a pvp game, works the same for your team mates.

      I think this type of pvp system people will enjoy a lot, they will be fighting for more than just a kdr but respect.
      With the party system & auto queue new players will be able to join pvp without friends if they're solo or have no friends. Upon winning or losing a pvp match you will be prompt with the option to add the players who you just fought with. This system will bring the community together allowing many solo players to make new friends.
      Everyone has to work as a team in order to reach the top so this will give them a reason to make friends.
      I also think having this seasonal pvp tournament challenge is a nice way to reward those who prefer to pvp over pve. This will bring inspiration to peoples hearts giving them a reason to fight & work as a team.

      Will you be the hero of Alterra?
    1. Sadistic Lover's Avatar
      Sadistic Lover -
      Can we still apply for the new game?
    1. Justg's Avatar
      Justg -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sadistic Lover View Post
      Can we still apply for the new game?

    1. eis's Avatar
      eis -
      Сылка не включается
    1. tvtheb's Avatar
      tvtheb -
      I have an android 4.4... And you require 5. Is the game going to be only for 5+ or you just need that version for testing?
      (Curious cause that will kick million players out @.@) .
    1. Justg's Avatar
      Justg -
      Quote Originally Posted by tvtheb View Post
      I have an android 4.4... And you require 5. Is the game going to be only for 5+ or you just need that version for testing?
      (Curious cause that will kick million players out @.@) .
      Android 5 is a 3 year old OS. 70% of the devices out there are already 5 and above:

      Attachment 164464

      It may be time for you to upgrade.
    1. noahgoulin's Avatar
      noahgoulin -
      I've just sent an e-mail to apply , so excited about it ^^
    1. cjswogkstkdg's Avatar
      cjswogkstkdg -
      back for this
    1. moien's Avatar
      moien -
    1. LostlornDraemur's Avatar
      LostlornDraemur -
      Is there still time to sign up for the beta???
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