• [Unannounced Game] Closed Beta


    Thank you for your interest in our Unannounced Game. Our main goal during Closed Beta is to polish the game based on player feedback. If you are chosen to participate, we would ask that you provide regular feedback on the game in the Forums. These will be closed to the public for the duration of the Closed Beta.

    Device Requirements

    For iOS, this game requires a 64 bit device (iPad Air or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPhone 5s or later) running iOS 10 or higher.
    For Android, this game requires a higher-end device running Android 5.
    There is no Chrome client for this game.

    Account Requirements

    This new game will not use Spacetime Accounts. Players will need either an Apple Gamecenter account (for iOS players) or a Google Play account (for Android users) to participate in the Closed Beta.

    Streaming/ Image sharing expectations

    Since the game is not final, we would ask that you do not show any of it to the public. This includes streaming and posting of images online. Violators will be removed from the Closed Beta (at the least).

    Server wipe/ name expectations

    We plan on wiping the server (and all progress, character names, etc.) at least once during the Closed Beta. We will definitely wipe the servers at the end of the Closed Beta period before we soft-launch. Nothing you acquire during the Closed Beta period (including your name) will be saved to your account.

    Transaction/ purchase expectations

    Due to the restrictions with Beta distribution, we will not be able to offer in-app purchases during Closed Beta. Everyone will be playing as a F2P player.


    We would very much appreciate your critical feedback on the game, across all areas. If accepted into the Beta, please use the Unannounced Game Forums (currently private) to provide your opinions, concerns, etc.


    Closed Beta is currently scheduled to begin the week of 10/9/17. We will let you know the status of your application around that time.

    Application Format

    An active forum account is required to participate in the Closed Beta. Please send an email to community@spacetimestudios.com formatted like this:

    Email Title: New Game Closed Beta

    Email Body:

    Forum Name
    AppleID Email or Google Play Email
    Device Type and OS
    One line on why you would like to test this game

    We are extremely appreciative for your help in making this our best game ever! Questions and comments below, and thanks!
    Comments 60 Comments
    1. savierrisor's Avatar
      savierrisor -
      Soo Excited 🤓😍
    1. Boltag's Avatar
      Boltag -
      Lemme try it G.
    1. Xzeda's Avatar
      Xzeda -
      Can't wait [emoji173]

      Sent from my SM-J320R4 using Tapatalk
    1. Vystirch's Avatar
      Vystirch -
      Excited for you all to join us

      Cya soon,
    1. Spullllll's Avatar
      Spullllll -
      I applied! Hoping to try out this new game
    1. ssbake's Avatar
      ssbake -
      I have been waiting for this game! , can't wait to try this baby out!!!
      Sent an application letter , I hope you guys give me the opportunity to test this game [emoji2][emoji173]

      Sent from my AO5510 using Tapatalk
    1. ogpurp's Avatar
      ogpurp -
      Sweetness! Id love to test it out.

      Sent from my LGMS550 using Tapatalk
    1. Tarygg's Avatar
      Tarygg -
      Wow , i've got high expectations for this upcoming game . Can't wait to play it ! Thanks G !
    1. PParty's Avatar
      PParty -
      Nice!! looking forward!
    1. Tadyak's Avatar
      Tadyak -
      looking forward for this
    1. Xarxas's Avatar
      Xarxas -
      i wish they would show star legends (the best game they have in my opinion) more attention
    1. InFamouSs's Avatar
      InFamouSs -
      Cheers! GJ Sts
      Just signed-up
    1. Aveea's Avatar
      Aveea -
    1. Azerothraven's Avatar
      Azerothraven -
      I understand that it can be difficult to work with chrome client as it creates problems so it was excluded.

      But are you able to make it available on Facebook Gameroom so that PC players can ultimately join down the line.
    1. Zojak's Avatar
      Zojak -
      Quote Originally Posted by Azerothraven View Post
      I understand that it can be difficult to work with chrome client as it creates problems so it was excluded.

      But are you able to make it available on Facebook Gameroom so that PC players can ultimately join down the line.
      They have zero plans to make this available for pc.
    1. Klaypex's Avatar
      Klaypex -
      Yup. Yup. Yup.

      (I see you STS, editing my comment and stuff, can't wait for the game whatever it is)
    1. Waug's Avatar
      Waug -
      Guessing I'm not in close beta and played PL for so long with such activity whatever ..
    1. Tinkerbelldoll's Avatar
      Tinkerbelldoll -
      I just applied ! It would be AMAZING if I got chosen ! I been playing sts games for years and itís always exciting to see a new game !
    1. Spullllll's Avatar
      Spullllll -
      Applied the second day this was out! Hoping to be one of the chosen ones
    1. XxTHExxDONxX's Avatar
      XxTHExxDONxX -
      Super hyped that PL is getting overhauled!
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