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The making of Xvanitykingx (Very Short story)

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If you read my last blog, you read about the problems I faced with my guild and all the guild members leaving. If you want to know what happened next, keep reading. If you don't, I don't know what to tell you....

After the incident with my guild and recovering my account, I found out what my friends were up to. When I got online, I saw that my friend Jakhad was on and I told him that it was the real me since I got the account back. Then I asked him what happened to the guild?and where did they all go? Jakhad told me that they made their own guild. Later that day I decided to quit pocket legends for a while. Later, I came back and made a new Twink character named "Xvanitykingx". The point of this twink was to help the newbies who need a little game advice to start out and get used to the game. After a while, I was introduced to the Ambassador of Alterra program. I decided to make an application for it on the forums. Then, I met my friend named Bienvenue. He introduced me to <The Community Guild>. He told me that the guilds purpose was doing what I was doing before I even met him. I gave the guild a chance and I ended up loving it. To this day, I'm still a very active officer of the guild.

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    good story

    *roasts a marshmallow*

    Oops sorry for necro-ing

    didnt realize the date of the original post until after i clicked the post button
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