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My PL Story

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Alright, so this is my story about my experience of Pocket Legends.

It was the Christmas of 2010 and my parents got me an iPad. I looked through a book "iPad for Dummies" or something like that, and saw Pocket Legends. It looked pretty awesome, so it was the first app I ever downloaded. I decided to try it out. I chose to make a bear and the random name generator picked a name, and I tweaked it with random letters to make Kopekai. This was just the beginning of my adventures in Alterra. I was an utter noob, but willing to try hard to level to the cap. The old bear tutorial was epic and increased my drive to adventure and explore Alterra. I bought about 30 plat and bought 2500 gold and thought "OMG I'm rich!" I leveled until 12 in Forest Haven and went to the Dark Forest, playing with random people. It was still very fun for me. I went to Balefort Castle and conquered it with random people. The level cap was 50 at the time and in the Balefort Castle town, I saw people with awesome looking AO3 and Shadow Cave sets. They looked epic and I wanted to be just like them. The Fathom Crypt was fun as well. I didn't know how to get the red bone helmet and it looked cool, so I spent a lot of time trying to find out and eventually gave up before realizing it was a quest reward. The Lost Expedition was where I got to 30 and got an iceberg longsword. I went to go try out PvP, and thought I was going to be like an ultimate destroyer and ended up having an awful KDR, but not too awful. I was learning fast. (300 Kills, 500 Deaths). This was all pre sewers and pre GCD but I didn't know about multi tapping so I saw a voodoo named GalacticMage playing in PvP and 1/4 second nuking people. They usually helped me out when people rushed me. (Maybe because I was on their team). At about level 33, I met a guy named Abechiiaboz or something along those lines. He was a really nice guy and helped me level and PvP together. We were about the same level and he had a brother named Jesma, a glowstick shadow mage, who is really rich and power leveled me and Abe in Crush The Keeper AO3 at level 34. For some reason at level 37 or so, Abe disappeared. I was quite lonely and ventured into the swamp alone. After the fast paced leveling from power leveling, I was lazy to level and had become very bored with the swamps. A level 50 bear with a hate set helped me out and encouraged me to go to 50. At around level 41, I met a pally named ZombieSacrificer. We leveled together in AO2, and he taught me more stuff about Pocket Legends. I had about 90k gold at the time, and we leveled to around 47 together. He also disappeared but before he did, he gave me a level 15 pink toy man. I was a noob and didn't realize that it was discontinued, and saw that it wasn't better than my old weapon and liquidated it. (This happened with my level 10 peppermint pounder as well). At level 47, I was still a noob, and got scammed for 50k, which was almost half of my money. I felt like quitting and had no friends to cheer me up. I felt as down as ever and didn't have enough drive or effort to get to 50. At that point, I decided to make a twink bear. I had enough knowledge from what ZombieSacrificer told me about PvP and twinks to make a level 10 bear named TheLonePwner. I made a few friends there and that was when level 10 was very popular. Level 12s were also emerging and I had lots of fun as a dexbear. I also had a level 17 mage, Magekabob, where I met OneBeastMage, who took me in and gave me a pretty good build. I also saw a really nice guy and a friendly PvP level 18 bird named Vvoke. He inspired me to make a level 18 bird, Penguinkabob. My candle bird was made and owned. At about 300 kills, I stopped. Suddenly, it just didn't feel fun anymore. I felt nostalgic for level 10 PvP, not 12 or 18, and guilt of my level 47 bear being so inactive overcame me. At about 3.5k kills, I deleted my dexbear and went back to AO3 grinding. I got to level 48 and went to shadow caves. Minimum level wasn't yet introduced into PL, so I got destroyed there. I also got a lucky hate armor drop. I kept it because the preview looked cool. At level 49, SEWERS CAME OUT! I was like FUUUUUUUUUUU! I never made it to 50 during the 50 cap. I did make it to 50 during sewers and traded my hate armor for a death shotgun. Mystery sets had come out, and were tradable at the time, so I bought some mystery armor and decided to set out to the sewers. GCD was also implemented and it felt really weird and slow. I finally had grinded it to 51, but the lack of friends and the grinding had bored me. I decided to try quit Pocket Legends. I deleted everything, gave away all my gold and items to noobs, and deleted all my characters except Penguinkabob. I decided to come back after missing the Nuri cap, Fang cap, and (I think Humania cap). When I came back it was August of 2012. I came back to serious OP bows called forgotten bows. I came back to nothing and managed to earn some money to get a level 17 forgotten bow for my bird as well as other gear. I had become more well known in low level PvP, and made lots more friends. I was in Kickass Low Twink Guild, a really nice friendly guild. Then I went to Revenge Inc. R. Inc was a BLAST! I had so much fun in PvP, Revenge was nice, me and the other officers and guildies got along, there weren't as many forgotten birds as now shortly after the forgotten event. I was more known for trolling, noob faking, and knife rushing saying my spartan war cry: "THIS... IS... SPARTA!!!" Eventually, I got fed up with more forgotten birds popping about. At about 4k kills, I decided to sell my forgotten bow and going to some other level to PvP. PvP was my passion. I still had no main, and so I decided to level one to 50, except it wasn't the same as my old Kopekai. It didn't feel like a noob adventure, full of mystery, and an actual storyline. I just speed ran dungeons with 4x elixirs with a 76 friend halping me. I was a rift pally. Unfortunately, I wasn't taken seriously as a rift pally and got bullied quite often. When I was in low level PvP, I met a guy named Slipping. He loved to rush and just have fun. He was an awesome friend and is one of my best friends right now. He now has a 76 (and a 50 with me). I got a death shotgun set and he got a hate hax set, and we sort of shared sets. It was a blast! I loved level 50 PvP and continue to do it. I have a whole bunch of twinks, but I'd like to give one HUGE thanks to people mentioned in my story, and people helping me now and good friends who stick up for me in fights and help me out when I'm down. I love Pocket Legends because of my friends and I sometimes wish I was a noob again for a sense of adventure in Alterra. Those were good days, good days indeed. Over and out,


I also left out some details, but that's a basic history of my PL adventure.
Yea so that's pretty much it.

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