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My Awesome Dark Legends Day

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It's about luck, truly, but some things you just can't predict. It begins with "Double Damage Weekend". This weekend by surprise the devs declared all PvE damage doubled. There is also a screen cap contest but I don't believe I got a great screenshot, yet.

It's a great time for it since most of the active players, at least the ones who don't level with plat, are leveling to the new elite cap of 36. Double damage means that Harg'kyth, the highest level boss in the game, and the only one that drops epic items, can by slain before he ever gets his shield up. And even if your team is slow and he raises the shield once, he probably won't get a chance to raise it a second time. So, if you're good you can enter a new instance about once a minute, possibly faster. Therefore the best boss figght also become the fastest XP.

On Saturday I did a lot of runs on Harg'kyth, hoping to score an epic drop, but it didn't happen. I had a lot of fun and made several runs of Out of Town, too. People were running there because they thought it was easier and because they were increasing their kill numbers. Maybe they were running there because they didn't realize how easy it was to defeat Harg'kyth as well. Or maybe, like me, it was habitual, since that is where you normally run when you're just racking up XP. But after a few pinks from Out of Town, whick were worth about 200 each, I no longer wanted to run there. So most of Saturday was against the big boss.

Thinking about playing on Sunday I decided to do something different. Since I was doing souble damage anyway, and I get bored of the same old thing very quickly, I decided to RUN THE ENTIRE GAME. And I decided to take screen shots of each board in succession so that I could flip through my camera roll to read the storyline.

To begin with I put on my starter vanities, the street top and street legs we all begin with, but also brought the elite cap pet from level 31. Perhaps he brought me luck! Then I ran each zone, taking a scap of the starting screen and the ending screen. I calculated 4 zones in each area, 13 areas, times 2 was just over a hundred screen shots. This was very easy, especially since I had over 1000 blood packs and there was no likelihood of adding to my deaths.

In Bloody mess I got my first vanity and my first pink. The vanity was the Orange Desire hat, which at first I was reluctant to wear. The pink was the Beast Crystal of Mettle, which would have been nice to sell a month ago, but is worthless today. I don't usually wear things that cover my character's face, so I slated the hat for sale in my mind, and sallied forth. However, in Thug Death I got another vanity drop. It was Orange Desire leggings. Well, when randomness gives you something like that, you have to go with it, I thought, and I equipped both vanities. In Mansion of Madness I had my only special boss, Loris Asanhi, which was good for an achievement at least. But in the very next zone, A Fallen Angel, I had my third and ast vanity drop. It was an Orange Desire Top! I was thrilled. To get three parts of the same set in drops on a single pass through the full game, it just tickled me pink, no, blue!

So wearing the orange desire gear I carried on, but I did die once in the Forest's Edge. The fun thing about that was that my pet hovered frozen in mid air as I returned to the site of my death and I was able to grab a screen shot of myself with two pets. I began with 11806 xp out of the goal of 17600 xp, and with one set of 2-hour allies, I had 12528 xp by the time I stood next to Harg'kyth's smoldering ashes. Of that 700-ish xp, 277 were from allies, so I guess I got about 550 from runs. Or seen another way, a complete run of the game yields about the same xp as four hours of spending energy for xp. That is all the better when you realize you can do both at once.

After that I made several more runs on Harg'kyth,, enjoying the company of other players after 4 hours of solo play, and my battery was about to poop out, when finally it happened!

I got the Obsidian Crystal drop. With 4,400 xp still to go to reach level 36, I already have my first level 36 item! It was quite a thrill. So naturally I rushed to the chatbox and bragged immediately.

It was a good day, AND I still got to flip through my 100+ screen caps to read the Dark Legends storyline.

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  1. Totallymad's Avatar
    I got obsidian 36 first day in third run, then i traded it to sinister, sold sinister (because i have one before) and trade 2mil + white biker top for albino. It was last piece of vanity in this game, now i have full collection. Actually obsi 36 is very easy drop i have 3 more after it. Hope you will get luck ikn relic weap bro ;)
  2. hellangelsdf's Avatar
    haha bro i've dropped 10 obsidians.. obsidians drops more often.. :P.. i thought u dropped infused hammer or something when u said its the lucky day of ur life :P