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Newwwwww Mage :D

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Well I think I'm done with 23 bear because mages are awfully overpowered at this level but fun otherwise so I started a 23 mage! Here's a last pic of my behr for you guys! I've been really busy with IRL and trying to keep my dad calm since his motorcycle accident. Unfortunately he gets short term memory loss occasionally and he is easily agitated. Other than that I've been pretty good.

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Well anyways guys my 23 mage owwwwwns I love it! I also sold my SBL to Swagfox (Gragorak on forums). Here's 2 pics of my mage.

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Wewt! Too fabulous eh? For all of you low level PvPers, add Anxiolytic, my beasty mage, and if you're nice enough I might teach you. :3

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  1. Spyce's Avatar
    How about that 22 fox?
  2. VeteranFoxx's Avatar
    Iv been trying lvl20 str bird I seem to be able to cut down a few 23 mages but then again if they get good crit hits I'm far gone