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what if....Merge all legends.

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would you play the combined Legends game if sts Merge 4legends into 1?

Making every Legend title as a Race. So it will become PL vs SL vs DL vs AL.

it came into my mind will visiting SL pvp forum were people made threads
about classes.
PL bear vs SL commando
PL mage vs SL engineer
PL bird vs SL operatives.

would be intresting if they can pull it off.

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  1. Netherworld_Dragonfly's Avatar
    It'd seem like a good idea,but how would you make it equal? Like AL has mana (you know for skill power) but DL you can use your skills anytime as long as you have enough blood (health). Plus you have to make the item rarities uniform for all the games. For example, orange isn't very rare in PL,really rare in AL(but not the highest),SL idk lol,and in DL is top rarity.And don't even get into the AL pets vs all others no pets (that have powers anyway) and mixed-game pvp teams. Not putting you down,but there's a lot of things that'd have to be changed in order for it to happen lol.