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Bored, bored, bored is the word.

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I'm bored and this is the most uselessssss blog post ever. By the way, for all you who knew me as kabob, I'm back as Penguinkabob in 26 PvP. I might post a screenie or two of pengy on my next blog post. I'd just like to say that my Dad is still recovering from his motorcycle accident. He's back home after being unconscious for about 2 and a half weeks and can walk now and everything.. His head injury is still recovering. He seems easily agitated! D: Which means probably less PL fo me.

Haha another thing I saw while playing today is Terroy's guild called <Satan> recruited a member named God, so it kinda went like this (forgot to take a screenie NUUUUU!):
"God joined <Satan>!"
Random member: LOLWTF?!
God: Oh hello my children.
Random member #2: O.o
Random member #3: o.O

Haha and big thanks to Notyobrownies (InternalNinja on the forums) for commenting on my blogs and helping me in game! Remember everyone, bored/bird, bored/bird, bored/bird, is the word!

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  1. Promagin's Avatar
    O_o sent you a friend request
  2. Spyce's Avatar
    Good to hear your Dad's fine.
    Always willing to help a brother out
    PM When you need that 200k.