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[Guide]How to get Gleipnir Amulet.

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So, I killed Grimnr a couple of times in normal mode but then no amulet was given to me. I searched forums on how to get it and credits to them ( I forgot them, lol ) I've found the way to get it.
First, ( very important part ) talk to this guy named Herald of Arlor. He is standing near the guild castle entrance in Kraag City.

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Next, go left and talk to that sorcerer guy. Enter the gate.

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You are now in Jurn woods which will be the last place in order for you to enter Stronghold. Talk to all guys with yellow exclamation point ( ! ) , take those quests.

After killing man eater exit from the portal and you'll be directly sent to Stronghold town.

Take all the quests in Stronghold and continue your journey to Mount Spyr. Go right side of the map ( the other side is nordia ).
Get all the quests from there and kill the main bosses from spyr down to hall of valheim.

Hint: You need a party/friends/guild in order to be successful especially when you're still level 30 or below. Pugs are always there so be careful.

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After killing boss Grimnr, DON'T LEFT THE SITE YET. If you have the permafrost quest ( I think you got it already because I instructed you to get all the exclamation points ! ) Click the grimnr and accept the quest, you'll receive gold.

Now, return to Stronghold. Enter here.
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Talk to Mr. Ture. Accept, accept ,accept ...
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Click that book, turn to page 77 .. bla bla bla .. accept accept accept.
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Go to Uller's tomb ( right above ) Get the amulet

There ya go. I didn't wear it because the amethyst ( lvl 25 ) is way better.

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  1. Dota's Avatar
    Hi,Could someone please create the arcane legends "Data file" to zip and sent me download link please?thx alot
    Sry my englishvsucks
  2. Greencrow's Avatar
    Hi bro. I don't know about that "Data file" you are saying, I can't find it because I think it's in the browser thingy.. Or if you have internet/wifi, you can just download it in the app store
    Updated 05-17-2013 at 06:18 AM by Greencrow
  3. diego1marcus's Avatar
    been there done that... Nice how-to guide though
  4. Tommy smile's Avatar
    Nice tip thank you bro
  5. Loren Bianchi's Avatar
    Thanks for the guide! It is different now though lol. The book is behind the portal where you can't see. Took me forever to find haha!
  6. Decipher's Avatar
    I noticed that there are 4 empty slots in the Gleipnir Amulet. What should I do to fully Upgrade it?